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    Ryan Pannell got a reaction from anothernerd in How Long Have You Been Listening?   
    I started listening sometime from Monday 18th July 2011. Amy Winehouse died on Saturday 23rd and when this news broke I had only been listening a few days.
    The way I switched was random - I was listening to Magic 105.4 for months and one evening whilst driving home I got bored and hit a random preset on the radio which happened to be R1. I thought “let’s listen to R1 for a few days” and soon realised I had been missing out on great chart music, new music and fantastic club anthems. Intending to change to another random station soon, I realised I couldn’t because I was hooked. And since then my radio has stayed tuned to R1.
    I can even remember a song I was listening to within an hour of changing - Barbara Streisand by Duck Sauce. 
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    Ryan Pannell got a reaction from thebeuter in Chris Start post-Scott   
    Source? Googling this up returns no recently dated results.
    It's inevitable that Scott will be there forever - one day he will go. Chris Stark is a legend and a credit to the show, although he was referred to "Scott's mate" in the early days, there's no way that he was let in when Scott went in for his show, BBC security is top notch and they wouldn't have just let him follow Scott through the building without a check of some sort. Chris has actually broadcasted on his own, it was unplanned and for half an hour when Scott was ill, and Huw Stephens was on his way on the tube but was getting held up. I remember the start of the show Chris was like "erm" and lost for words, but he handled it really well. I'm not sure what'll happen to him radio-wise if Scott ever left. I can't seeing him do his own shows, he is better at the documentaries he does for BBC Three and other general BBC fun stuff (like Mastermind).
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    Ryan Pannell got a reaction from thebeuter in BBC Radio 1 OFCOM Changes   
    Crikey, you've really analysed that well. When you say it's "exactly right to the minute", I agree with every daytime presenter except Grimmy. A countless number of times, he is late for the news at about 7:32, 8:03 and so on! He has a tendancy to start a track at 7:29! WHY?! 
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    Ryan Pannell reacted to matthewm192 in BBC Radio 1 OFCOM Changes   
    It looks like they're gonna have to put a 15 minute bulletin in the breakfast show to me... (not that I'll mind as it's 15 mins less Grimmy in the morning)
    I've always loved how seriously they take the 1 hour day time news rule it's exactly right to the minute:
    6:30, 7:00, 7:30, 8:00, 8:30, 9:30 all 3 mins so 18 mins. 10:30 and 11:30 are 2 mins each bringing it to 22. 1:30 is 1 min (23), 2:30 and 3:30 2 mins (26), 4:30 3 mins (29), and 5:00 1 min (30) - add the 15 min bulletins and there is your hour!
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    Ryan Pannell got a reaction from thebeuter in 2016 Power Intros   
    The only intros that sound good are the ones with Mike Wooller. The rest of the imaging isn't a clear, simple theme. We have mixes thrown about of all sorts that make it sound like a different station between most songs. The length of time it took to introduce these, and the "creeping in" is just highly unprofessional for a national station, nearly a year!  The radio industry might want to go this way with power intros, but they really don't suit the station. They've tried too hard and ballsed it up. The breakfast show idents have been ruined too.
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    Ryan Pannell got a reaction from bensteele in 2016 Power Intros   
    Scroll to 1:01:00, Stefan finishes Newsbeat and the first song played is Roar by Katy Perry (as much as I loathe the song).
    These are the sort of power intros I don't mind. My Way by Calvin Harris is also a good power intro example.
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    Ryan Pannell got a reaction from bensteele in 2016 Power Intros   
    If these intros are "radio trends around station imaging", then god help the imaging companies who lead the way in these trends. These intros might be adventurous, however they are certainly nothing but a mishmash of uncertainty as to what station I'm listening to. And powerful they certainly are not.  The key to successful radio imaging is to use normal voices as has been used for years on many stations, not to rhyme the station name into a song which is about to be played, which could also be contractually and legally wrong if a music artist has not given their permission for it to be used in this way.
    You will know of my love for the new power intros with Mike. Nearly 7 months after they were originally aired for BBC Radios most geeky, pointless tacky feature New Music Friday, I have only recently decided that these would be a suitable replacement to the 2014 package. IMGR's latest production is a stark contrast to the Mike Wooller ones, and IMGR's clearly demonstrate an imaging of incompetent trends. I've heard music played on the Daniel P Carter Rock show which is clearer than these intros.
    Power is all about simplicity in imaging - Mike and his female assistant have done it fine.
    The breakfast show has recently been ruined with another package that is quite frankly ludicrous in the way it comes across. Whatever happened to the WB refresh? It aired for a few days before disappearing.
    I understand the station wants to keep up with trends which is fair enough and I blame the awful trends at the radio's imaging industry as a whole. But now we have these, the breakfast show imaging, the Mike intros, a mix of the 2014 ones, chart imaging and the Newsbeat 2015 theme. The imaging is all over the place and there is a sincere lack of inconsistency. The NMF imaging has haunted this entire image rebrand since April, and since then it has been the slowest rush ever of an introduction to running a radio station with no clear image. Even the Where It Begins tagline has suffered throughout as you hardly hear it TOTH now!
    I know nothing about radio branding imaging, however I do know professionalism when I hear it and there isn't any here. I do not mean to come across negative with my comments and make no apology for it, but I say what I think and know.
    Rant ranted. For now.
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    Ryan Pannell got a reaction from thebeuter in All-new Nick Grimshaw Imaging Dropped   
    Yet again Radio 1 have shot themselves in the foot. With the constant messy selection of old and new power intros played throughout the day with the 2014 package, this has now added further fuel to the fire. It sounds completely awful and yes, definitely like Kiss or Capital.
    I cannot believe they have ditched the Wise Buddah theme for this tosh, especially as the BBC philharmonic orchestra helped to compose the theme. That branding was fine, it was at its best when it first started out in 2012.
    Like many, I can't wonder how long Grimmy's got left. A part of me wishes he'd go now, if he's thinking he can match Moyles' 8 years he can think again, as Moyles is probably sitting at Radio X laughing his head off with Dom, discussing this on-air on early mornings!
    "Youre listening to Grimmy, Grimmy, Grimmy." Yes we know.
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    Ryan Pannell got a reaction from bensteele in 2016 Power Intros   
    Yes, they've got about 7-8 seconds to get a small speech in before the "This is BBC Radio 1" tagline comes on. I've noticed Scott cuts it fine a lot, and leaves barely half to 1 second. Alice Levine, her approach is different, calm and clear, I like it. It's always a "Time for Newsbeat now with Duncan Middleton. The time is 2:30." Rarely does she say, "It's 2:30 and here's Newsbeat with Duncan Middleton.
    Grimmy's timing for Newsbeat is always off. Barely does it get broadcasted dead on the hour or half hour. Usually a few minutes late because he is insistent on playing a song at 56,57,58 or 26,27,28 past the hour. Recently Newsbeat came on at 8:35. Shocking.
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    Ryan Pannell got a reaction from beveastexaxdy6672 in Bingo   
    Not really. I like it.
    Did anyone hear the interview with Honey G last week on Breakfast? She claims to have been involved with 1Xtra since it first began and that not many people knew about that!
    Well that's very true, not many people did. I don't know what to believe here. Up until recently, hardly anyone knew of her, then the chavvy talentless cow comes onto ruin X Factor, folllowed by making a statement like that to Scott on national radio.

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    Ryan Pannell got a reaction from bensteele in Scotts Halloween party   
    Anyone seen this on his Instagram?
    All thanks to Sarah the baker who phoned in on his Hot Job feature the other week
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    Ryan Pannell got a reaction from bensteele in BBC Planning 'Phone-First' Strategy For Radio 1/1Xtra   
    How stupid is Ben Cooper? Doesn't he realise we already have this?
    It is called the BBC iPlayer Radio app.

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    Ryan Pannell reacted to bensteele in Everything Changes   
    Why is everyone so obsessed with changing the schedule to be practically polar opposite? 
    And, sorry @Jacob_, but you can't call yourself a fan of radio if Cel Spellman is the kind of person you'd give more airtime to....
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    Ryan Pannell got a reaction from beveastexaxdy6672 in The Radio 1 Breakfast Show   
    From tomorrow Scott is in for Grimmy for 2 weeks. And this bus my chance to grab some recordings of the slightly different jingles that are used. I want a simple recorder or converter that can interact with iPlayer so I can save in MP3 format. Any suggestions please?
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    Ryan Pannell got a reaction from beveastexaxdy6672 in The Radio 1 Breakfast Show   
    This morning at about 8:20am, the orchestral version of the Breakfast show theme tune was played with Nick talking over it until the news at 8:30. It was nice to hear this, as Nick hardly uses this version and it's different, quite often Scott uses it 2 or 3 times when he sits in for a whole week.
    Anyway, does anyone know where I can get a download of this please?



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