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  1. Well this answers that ... https://twitter.com/MollieKing/status/983659128320069633
  2. Interesting changes, glad Scott has the chart and is still on weekdays, I had my heart in my mouth when I heard about 'schedule changes'... The press release isn't written that well but is Mollie just doing Fridays with Matt? She is quoted saying 'I’m so glad I’m no longer just 'Mollie From The Saturdays' but Mollie from the 'Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays'!” I get the Saturday reference and now the Friday one, but if she's not doing Sundays what is she on about??
  3. I'm quite happy with the change of voice overs, especially the female one, doesnt quite beat the David/Holly combo IMO though.... I hope to god they drop 'listen from 4 watch from 6' from the chart IDs for good, they probably wont though. Altough I dont see them visualising Daniel P Carters rock show on a Sunday night, unless ive missed something, so there not really that much of an emphasis needed on advertising the visual aspect of a Sunday night now. Plus the official chart imaging has been on air since Feb 2012 which is longer than the pure jingles and previous voice overs have been on as they were introduced in April 2012. Time for a change maybe? Haven't seen them commission a new station sound package so they may still be using pure jingles after 'EMMMonth'. 1tros need to return!
  4. Does anybody collect/ have the tracks with the UK official number 1 idents over the front of it? Ive got most of the recent ones and am after any from late 2009 to 2011. Willing to trade
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