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  1. 16 minutes ago, NathanS said:

    Who knows. He's well connected in the showbiz world, and of all the R1 DJ's that have left.. he's the one likely to branch out elsewhere.

    Like Annie, it does sound like it was his decision not to renew his contract. I can see why.. he's took his show as far as he could go and he's going out on a (fairly) high... he's done the top gig with brekkie. I will actually miss him. 14 years is good going. Many of the general listenership tend to disagree but he was the right choice at that time for breakfast. I do think he is a genuinely funny and engaging broadcaster. I wonder if Annie leaving and Sinead leaving newsbeat played a little part in considering moving on. They're both a big part of his show.

    Looking back, as much as I personally didn’t warm to Grimmy’s breakfast show   when he took over from Moyles, as I was skeptical of change, it was the best possible move they could have made, and the resulting show suited its era of celebrity culture really well.

    I’m actually feeling quite emotional tonight as it’s just sunk in that Radio 1 won’t be the same station it was when I was growing up, even though I’m only 18, and clearly still don’t like change ?

    Saying that, Radio 1 has to evolve and I think these schedule changes will ultimately be seen as the start of a new era of the station in years to come

  2. 7 minutes ago, harrysmyth said:

    It's such an end of an era having Nick and Annie leave. Some of my favourite R1 memories are stories with those two, or at Glastonbury. 

    I wonder if he is going to change career - I believe wasn't it interior design or set painting which he was interested in? 

    I hope we get one final Annie and Grimmy co-host, as it would be the best way to end

  3. Dean seems to me to be a proper Radio 1 nerd, so I’m looking forward to him getting a regularly scheduled show.

    I’m hoping for a full revamp of the generic Radio 1 imaging in September. 
    I’d prefer if Greg’s imaging was kept, as I really like it, but I could also see it being updated. 
    I’d also imagine Vick and Jordan will get some custom imaging as well. 

  4. If Grimmy’s last drive show is 12th August and Vick and Jordan’s first is 6th September, then I’m going to assume we will have a few weeks with the so-called “B-Team” on weekday daytime in the gap? 

    It’ll be really weird to listen to the “new” Radio 1 in September with all of these changes, but hopefully everything goes smoothly 

  5. I said he’d leave in 2022, turns out it was much sooner, but it’s not really a surprise. He’s been a good laugh and it’ll be a shame to see him go. Vick and Jordan presenting as a duo is an interesting choice but I think it’ll work well

  6. Thought I’d put my twopence worth in, as I realise I haven’t posted on here too much since Greg took over breakfast.

    Greg’s incarnation of the Radio 1 Breakfast Show is by far my favourite in my time listening to the station (since the last few years of Moyles’ tenure on breakfast), as I much prefer the comedic, listener centric format to the more “showbiz”,  celebrity focused  formats used elsewhere on other youth-targeted breakfast shows (naming no names)

    Radio 1 has to be different to commercial competitors, and I truly believe they currently have the most distinctive breakfast show in the market.

    It is also one that is easily distilled into short social media snippets, which allow storylines (such as the recent “Tom the Young Farmer” saga) to play out to wider audiences away from linear radio, to hopefully hook new listeners into the show and keep them listening regularly. 

    As others have said, the recent awards for Greg, Scott, and the station itself at the ARIAs prove that Radio 1 are getting it right, especially on weekday daytime.

    I can definitely see Jordan getting drive when Grimmy moves on, but that doesn’t seem likely until at least 2022, given the refreshed schedule published in April that is due in September.

    RMC getting mid-mornings does seem a smart move given Clara’s promotion to Future Sounds, as they always provide an entertaining listen. 

    I hope Scott will continue on afternoons, as his show is still one of the best on the station, although I can see him doing more Radio 2 cover shifts alongside it. 




  7. 6 minutes ago, R1Fan1 said:

    Will you be able to chose what you listen to on sounds? Is it going to be the actual match or just the normal show with some reactions.

    Appears they are using R1 Dance for the Scotland opt-out, with Danny on R1

    I assume the format will be similar to Rock and Roll Football on Absolute, with match updates between the usual music 

  8. It's sounding great so far, I feel like this is the BBC at their best: catering for audiences not well served by commercial competitors, and it's exactly what they should be doing in my opinion 

  9. It’s going to be sad to Annie leave after so many years at Radio 1, but it definitely feels like she wasn’t pushed and that it was her own decision.

    Clara getting Future Sounds is a promotion for her though, and I for one can’t wait to hear the new show, as she definitely has a talent for new music radio. 

  10. This is a slightly leftfield and eccentric question (I hope), but seeing as Scott's interest in her was the main reason why I started to love Taylor Swift, I think it's a good idea to ask this: what made Scott become interested and/or obsessed with her and her music to the extent that he started the whole "our leader"/"leader of the pop illuminati" schtick back in late 2014?

    An additional question on the same subject would be: what is Scott's favourite Taylor Swift song of all time? 

    I hope these fit with the non serious vibe you were wanting Jono!

  11. On 4/3/2019 at 9:01 PM, Chris D said:

    I listen to the show everyday and I love it, but theres something missing from his afternoon show that this doesn't have. I think generally the features aren't quite so interesting (whatever happened to Game of Phones?), but also I think it's missing another personality to bounce off. Greg worked really well on the afternoon show when Chris Smith and the producers got involved (particularly Grace), but theres a lack of that at the minute. Roisin is better than she was, but she's still a little bit wooden when you compare her to how Tina used to be on Nick's show.

    I think they should bring back Game of Phones at some point, but I bet the issue is lack of decent celebs to do it. The breakfast show is definitely a lot more PG than the drivetime show used to be but I'm glad there is very little showbiz focus in the content as that was the main issue with Grimmy's tenure IMO.

    Greg is definitely the best presenter to do that slot who fits the criteria they have for it (enough experience, which would rule out Adele who would do a good job IMO, and a desire to do it, which rules out Scott as he has publicly said he doesn't want to do it)

  12. 6 hours ago, OohErr said:

    I notice they're charging £18 a ticket (+£4.50 booking fee) this year. Not Europe's biggest free ticketed music festival anymore then. Although that's still really cheap for what it is.

    I paid circa £60 including fees to see the 1975 and Pale Waves (and others) at Glasgow Summer Sessions, so yeah dead cheap in comparison to seeing the same acts elsewhere 

  13. As I mentioned in the chatbox, Bauer stations are broadcasting the brits this year, between 7 and 11pm, I believe they may have snagged exclusive radio rights to it for the next few years. As I type this, Alice and Clara from R1 are on ITV2 doing the red carpet show, which I think is just pre recorded interviews and some montages.

    Update: Tried to listen to the networked Bauer show, gave up after 5 minutes, truly awful, even by Bauer standards

  14. 39 minutes ago, thebeuter said:

    Just to let you know: there are mugs to buy branded all the BBC stations in the BBC shop in the basement of broadcasting house. Right next to the cafe where you can take a look into the huge newsroom. Don't know anything about Moyles.

    Sent from my D6503 using the Unofficialmills.co.uk mobile app

    A generic R1 mug wouldn't go amiss, if I ever visit London, thanks for the info!

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