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  1. Took me a while. Now it´s working. Listening now on my phone top quality. Needed so much to listen to this first in the morning. You've made my days a lot better. Thanks a lot.
  2. Just one questión. I'm on this page. Do you know which of these files should I download? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi guys. Is there a way to download the whole show -with music- outside the UK? I found this but is asking me to pay? http://goodmoodsoft.com/app/47 Any advice? Thanks in advance
  4. Was watching this youtube video. And man, is it me or our Scotty McScott is becoming a full time hottie? I'd tap that!
  5. Can we only see the playlist from the 2 first hours? Where can we know the names of the songs played in the thrid one? (listen to the show via radio downloader)
  6. Totally get it now. Been listening to Zane's show now. It's AWESOME.
  7. Thanks for the context. I've been listening to the whole show for only days. Zane Show is a really good one. So I was like "please, let this be my head".
  8. Am I being paranoid or Zane Lowe is mean to Scott. Love his show, but Scott is my hero, and sometimes I think that he's like laughing at him rather than with him. But, I'm like this big paranoid guy and have been listening to the whole show since the 2 last weeks. Maybe they are good friends.
  9. Monday. In the last Half Hour. Scott said that Beccy was going to go with Chris to this Batman Thing. Then he intruduced the song. Sounded something like YUK. It's a rock band. My kind of sound. WANT TO HEAR IT AGAIN Thanks a Lot!!!
  10. No. The name of the band was something like yuk. Is there a band called like that? (sorry, I'm from Chile)
  11. Love Sara Cox. She is good with Beccy. Would love to hear Beccy headlining the show though. With Chris.
  12. It was played yesterday Monday 24. I guess it was In the last half hour The mane was something like "Yuk" In love with the song. Do you know the name?. Thanks.
  13. Dear Kizmok, where can I read your blog?
  14. For the international viewers, this is a privilege we will probably never have. Post here your stories about meeting Scott. The most detailed, the better.
  15. yeah. but the thing is to focus on the positive.
  16. I guess that I love that he is brilliant and has an intelligence above average. that said, he is not a douche, on the contrary he is a normal bloke.
  17. sorry for the spelling mistakes. I don't know how to edit!:
  18. we're all fans. but sometimes it's good to go back to the basics. Son I ask the most basic question. What do you like the most about scott? Me: I'm a fan of his humour. He sees what's really funny about the most simple things, so I can relate and have the best time always. His humour is not simple though, he's witty and the best thing is that it comes effortlessly (sorry for my grammar and language, I speak in spanish). The 3 hours of the show are one of my favorite ones of the day.
  19. I'm from Chile. Been listening to the show for years!
  20. Scott and Beccy should do their own cheesy story whith unexcpected twists and gimmicks. With Matt Fincham and Timmy Trendy and The Hoff!!!
  21. Guess one of my favorites things this week was Beccy annoying Matt Fincham. LMAO.
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