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  1. Have done this with my Desire. Great website that is!
  2. You can use the number 07786201111 to get through to radio 1 as well. Its the number on their site that international listeners can use instead of 81199 but the number works for us as well. Comes out of inclusive texts as well:D.
  3. If you're gonna start a campaign and want people to buy a track then at least show them the cheapest place to get it from instead of the rip off itunes! Tesco have the track for 79p and amazon have the never forget ultimate collection album for £3:)
  4. There already is 12 hours of dance music every week. Why don't they have other specials when instead of dance music they do something else for 12 hours? 24 hours is far tooo much!
  5. Its almost impossible to get the answer if you don't live in England! I'd prefer if they did foreign locations which everybody would have a chance with. Bring back What am I?!!!!
  6. I remember when they talked about Dom also being on freelance they said that his contract wasn't sorted out til the very last minute! Hopefully its the same with Chris:D
  7. Everybody else asks Commercial radio to come up with something that is good.
  8. Why do people assume that because the DJ is older than the target audience then they do not appeal? It doesn't make sense to me. The films I watch mostly have actors that are older than my age group The music I listen to include mostly artists who are older than my age group. The tv programs I watch have presenters that are older than my age group. and the list goes on... Why aren't younger people doing these roles? They aren't as good and to be honest I'd rather watch or listen to something that is good rather than by a person who is in my age group! Next thing we will hear is radio 1 only p
  9. Yes..Its also been to England 6 times, Scotland once and Wales once! Going by the past events it would be a bit unfair if they didn't go to Scotland or Northern Ireland
  10. Do you have regular back up plans to get to work in the event of a volcano erupting in another country?
  11. chatty


    That's what I think about OWO. It was good for the first while but now I hate it
  12. I know alot of people are saying to shut down bbc 3 but when I think about it I've watched a few shows on there which I've liked. I have however never watched bbc 4. Is anybody the same?
  13. Belfast is in Northern Ireland and not Ireland. The clue is in the name.
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