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  1. Easy peasy for number 1 - CHRIS MOYLES - biggest waste of space on the planet, I would listen to Radio 1 in the morning if it wasn't for him, and I love it when Scott show is on in the mornings. More Greg James! - When Chris is away, and Scott is on mornings, he is really good at drive time. Less Westwood #1 and 2 are the most important but #3 was just a second thought. Can't stand Chris at all!
  2. Haha, Scott loved the Ferrero Roche but couldn't beat DJ!!! DJ Talent is the more superior DJ, watch out mills
  3. stu-m

    Heroes Finale

    I liked the Volume 5 beginning with Sylar-Peter struggle coming forward!
  4. Don't think Ben should have gone really, I think it would have been much better for James to go.
  5. Maybe some on the next Live Lounge?
  6. Heyo, fan of the podcast - listen when I can - but wish Scott was on morning's more as thats when I get more chance to listen.
  7. Becky - she hilarious, in a good way , best personality as well
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