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  1. *LOL* "Do you like my curtains?" :giggle: Ha ha! That was cool!! - and crazy!:woo: I played with my sister, and guess what... She won!!! :slap: Cheers!
  2. Honey

    Hello New Members!

    Hi, everyone! This is Honey, from Colombia. I've been listening to Scott Mills for a year. I started downloading the podcasts as a way to improved my English. And I have to say I've learnt everything but English... LOL It's a pity, 'cause I've met nobody else here in my country who likes the show. In fact, the only Radio1 the Colombian know is a dreadful local radio station!! Anyway, I'm glad to listen to Scott Mills and I'm glad to be here, as well. A huge warm hug and lots of kind wishes for you!! Cheers!
  3. Honey

    LOST : Season 5

    Reallly? I truly hope so, 'cause I also stopped watching this show when they started adding some weird details and characters. I guess, however, that I've lost some important episodes and interesting seasons after this. What's your favourite season of LOST? I'd say the first one is by far the best but, after five seasons, I guess I'm lost. Cheers!
  4. Hi! I agree! I'd love to have the 'Oh! What's Occurring?' tune... It makes me happy!! Hey! I've been reading the threads in this website... You're such a fun community!!! I love it!
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