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  1. Interesting that the Big Weekend won't go ahead at all, as opposed to it merely being postponed like most other things have been.

    Depending on how the situation unfolds over the coming months, I can see the Ibiza Weekend having the same fate unfortunately.

  2. On 12/17/2018 at 5:25 PM, anothernerd said:


    I was thinking as I browse chrismoyles.net how much Radio 1 has changed!  He got away with using mild swears and people like Zane Lowe who was such a legend who knew what they were doing. In my opinion about 2004-2013 where Moyles was on breakfast Fearne was on.  I do miss Fearne, Chris, Zane, JK&Joel.

    I do miss the Chemistry  between the djs. I mean I found the Chat between Matt And Mollie->Jordan North.  On Sunday 16th December 2018 about 9.45 to be really good chemistry. They were mocking Jordan being really hungover on early breakfast the other day. Which reminded me a bit of how Moyles used to pick on the other djs.

    The only good djs left from the golden age






    Looking at who’s new






    In my opinion I’ve listed all the good djs at radio 1! 

    It's funny, you tend not to notice era changes at Radio 1 until you see a list of names like that. 

    I think the station's sounding really good at the moment. For me Greg and Grimmy are much better suited to their new timeslots. Nick's much more himself than he was in the structured format the old Breakfast Show was in, a decent listen. Greg makes Breakfast feel quite exciting and big budget, whist maintaining his trademark silliness.

    I wouldn't say Annie is new however. She started on air in 2004 (according to Wikipedia) and was on BBC Switch with Grimmy what seems like donkeys ago.

  3. 6 minutes ago, Chris D said:

    Nice to hear some of the old classics. I'm just waiting to see if North Star Caller returns, with Chris Smi... Santa!

    Also, has anyone noticed that the old ten minute takeover music keeps getting played on occasion? 

    When did the countdown music change? I seem to remember on the first few shows that the beeps hadn’t changed but the rest of the beds had. 

    Or I’m imagining it, which is possible. 

  4. Annie’s Friday show is now ‘Radio 1’s Dance Party with Annie Mac’. 

    I guess this all to make the shows stand out on the BBC Sounds app which has programmes and podcasts from across the BBC.

    Surprised Radio 1 Breakfast didn’t get the same treatment - Radio 1’s Breakfast Show maybe. 

  5. Trying to work out what happened. 1Xtra seemed to get some element of the news at 12:45 which cut away to music after the Thomas Cook report. The online schedules show Newsbeat at 13:00 but the recording starts at 12:45 (causing initial confusion when trying to piece this together!).

    My theory is that at 12:45 both R1 and 1Xtra were due to fade up Newsbeat as usual. Radio 1's feed from Newsbeat failed (as they were on an OB) but it went out fine on 1X.

    Nesta McGregor could hear the output of R1 (which didn't have him faded up) and not 1Xtra so he kept repeating his opening line assuming no-one could hear him.  1Xtra got the word to cut away from Newsbeat after the Thomas Cook report and re-join at 13:00 instead along with Radio 1.

  6. I think the playlist does tend to lean more towards R&B, hip-hop and the like at times, but a lot of pop at the moment falls into those categories so it's just a reflection of what's popular at the moment.

    My only complaint is that songs tend to stick around on the playlist a LITTLE too long. Human by Rag'n'Bone Man quickly comes to mind. Or Jackie Chan by Tiesto. Absolutely destroyed.

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