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  1. Aw that was amazing. Well done for representing the nerds of UM in the most majestic way.
  2. Judging by some of the new power intros I've heard this weekend it does seem ever more likely that we'll be hearing a blend between the 2014 voiceovers and the 2016 updates for the foreseeable. If the old voiceovers are staying I hope we see the various IDs getting a refresh.
  3. I would have thought if that was the case then the imaging for it would have the new (or old) voiceovers. Everything I've heard for it today has been Louisa Lytton or Merv. Perhaps they just used last year's today.
  4. I think you could be right there. I can't find any On The Sly demos featuring the new R1 power intros but listening to their work for other stations they do sound similar.
  5. I think Dance Anthems is perfect for the time-slot it's in now. Although it's maybe situated a bit early for those getting ready to go out it's a lot better than a generic show in that slot. Danny Howard is fantastic and would be a suitable replacement should, and god forbid, Pete Tong decides to call it a day. Having the Request Show there back in the Fearne and Reggie days just sounded off. As for Greg on breakfast and Alice on drive, I actually like the sound of that. Or maybe Greg AND Alice on breakfast - they've already proven they work great as pair on the Brits coverage.
  6. Radio 1 has started using new voiceovers for the power intros heard on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. It's widely expected these voices will take over full time at some point (although we don't actually know that for sure). It would be weird to bring back voiceovers from 2012 while all this is going on. Also, the video in your previous post doesn't actually have old voiceovers in it. Newsbeat clearly just used an old bed or clipped an old ID on to a bed in error. 2+2 together doesn't make 5.
  7. It wasn't uploaded by Pure Jingles. I think you've got the wrong end of the stick.
  8. It wasn't uploaded by Pure Jingles. I think you've got the wrong end of the stick.
  9. That video is using the old voiceovers because that's an old demo from over 2 years ago Newsbeat from the other day used an old voiceover, probably in error. Am I misunderstanding?
  10. I know we're all rather biased being on a Scott Mills forum, but I do feel breakfast feels so much stronger with Scott and Chris. Nick is a solid presenter but I think the show just feels a bit stale at the moment. Features are fairly limited - at the start you had the likes of Call or Delete, Showquizness and even Happy Hardcore FM. The Nixtape is still on but seems to have been cut back to half an hour (correct me if I'm wrong). Whenever Scott and Chris cover breakfast it actually feels more natural - less forced. It's funnier - they bounce off one another and it all just feels much slicker. You have some degree of interaction between Nick and Fiona but I think moving away from the zoo format of Moyles has weakened the show. When Scott and Chris are on that spark comes back. As far as the rest of the lineup is concerned there's no daytime changes I would make, other than swapping Clara and Alice.
  11. Am I missing something? The video you say is the Summer 2016 jingles is just an old package from the 2012-2014 era, uploaded in June this year. This is the current batch:
  12. I figured more of the new imaging would be used, good way to phase it in (if that is the plan). Oh well.
  13. It's so nerdy to admit, but I love them too. Jonas Blue, Chainsmokers, Robin Schulz and Sigma's Stay are my personal favourites. I can't recall a time when Radio 1 have phased in imaging like this. I wonder when/if it'll all go full time.
  14. I'm sure I heard somewhere that the current voiceovers were definitely being replaced during 2016. I would imagine if the two year cycle is being followed it'll be September but it sounds like it's a gradual phase in. Which is fine but it's a bit of a mish-mash with the four current voices plus the two or three new ones? I haven't even heard New Music Friday being mentioned in the imaging on Fridays when I've been listening?
  15. It would appear some of New Music Friday's imaging has been somewhat rolled out across Radio 1 today (Saturday). The little power intros were heard on Dev and Matt's shows.
  16. Everything just sounds like it's flowing much better with the Friday imaging. I think it may be down to the quality of the pre-programmed segues sounding well-mixed rather than just ident (or ID)->song->ID->song->branded song intro->song. I noticed the IDs today sounded different to last week's - maybe the station sound guys are trying out different things for a full rollout later in the year? Speculation of course.
  17. One of the current voiceovers tweeted on Tuesday to say he was away to record some more voiceovers for Radio 1, so unless he plays a part in any new package I don't think they'll be changing anytime soon.
  18. I guess we're not exactly sure if these signal a whole new package or if they're just for this New Music Friday thing. I actually think two of the voiceovers are from the 2012-2014 era.
  19. A new jingle package for New Music Friday has launched today. New voiceovers by the sounds of it. A sign of things to come for the station perhaps?
  20. I absolutely love the new Chris Moyles Show. As above it's a bit of a faff listening in the car having to get the app on the go but was considering upgrading to DAB anyway.
  21. I think this is the first Saturday Dance Anthems that Danny Howard hasn't done? Mike Wooller, previously of Radio 1 voiceover fame and now on Ministry of Sound radio, is standing in.
  22. I imagine it's probably pre-mixed like Dance Anthems on a Friday night. It's always exactly an hour.
  23. A demo's up of the new beds, but other than Scott using them I don't think I've actually heard them on the show. Makes you wonder why they go to the bother of commissioning them.
  24. Ant L

    Chart Day

    I don't know if anyone cares, but the chart of the year so far today had the old imaging package. Not sure if it was possibly pre-recorded.
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