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  1. Pure Jingles have uploaded this to their SoundCloud. I'm guessing this is what would have been had the IMGR intros not taken over...
  2. I always thought the rule of pre-records on BBC Radio is that they have to be recorded as live? Maybe I'm just imagining that.
  3. Did someone forget to tell Nick Bright this morning that Pure Jingles are out and the power intros are in?
  4. They actually did produce Mills imaging! Sounds good.
  5. It was about 8:10am I heard it I think. Actually, http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b084w2bf - 2hr 9m
  6. I heard a new free-standing ident followed by an ID during Dev's show yesterday #nerdalert Also, rather randomly I heard an old Weekend Breakfast Show ID this morning too.
  7. Do you mean some of the new beds?
  8. They've really ramped up the production of intros in the past couple of weeks, I'm hearing at least two or three new ones every day.
  9. So here's an observation... Having listened to Scott's show over the past few days there's been a few occasions where it sounds like Scott (or maybe one of his team) effectively played out makeshift power intros of songs where normal ones already exist. I have a feeling it's because the power intro versions are at least a minute shorter than the full length tracks and it's to fill time? I feel like some of the intros heard on Greg's show aren't IMGR productions either - they don't sound as highly-produced.
  10. I've heard the Sorry intro before - that's actually the second incarnation. I did wonder how the station would sound when these took over. On Greg's show they try to add his name either before or during some of the intros.
  11. It would seem the power intros have been rolled out across the station full-time from today. Still the old voiceovers on the news intros, and IDs where there's no power intro.
  12. The production is fairly epic on this package. I agree with the above - the previous breakfast show imaging was lacklustre to say the least, especially when the Wise Buddah orchestral theme was dropped (perhaps the contract to use it expired...?). In the best possible way it is all a bit KISS or Capital but for a while they've sounded much slicker than R1 so it's no bad thing. Excellent effort.
  13. I wouldn't exactly call the lead imaging producer at BBC Radio 1 a "moron" but each to their own.
  14. https://twitter.com/anthonylennon/status/793495066782363648 Check the replies out.
  15. I have been very reliably informed that the power intros WILL be taking over full time, and that lots of exciting new imaging is "about to drop". Fun times for us nerds ahead.
  16. Interesting that the emergency "tape" is at least two years old. The fact that we've (probably) never heard it before just goes to show how rare technical breakdowns are these days (of course this was human error rather than a fault). Here's a fun emergency tape incident from back in '09 with some '06 imaging shoved in for old time's sake.
  17. It all just seems rather random. I have noticed a lot of missed opportunities to use the intros lately.
  18. Any fellow nerds fancy a job? http://careerssearch.bbc.co.uk/jobs/job/Station-Sound-Assistant-Producer-Popular-Music-Hub/18119 Interestingly the description lists 'New Music Friday' as some of the station sound the successful candidate would create, so perhaps these power intros are in-house productions.
  19. I think the issue I have with Radio 1 is the desire to bring down the listening age so much. I don't see why Radio 1 shouldn't be appealing to listeners aged 25+ when the official remit is 16-29. Radio 2 serves those 35+, so what about us in the 25-35 category? Also it's all very well saying that RAJARs don't mean much and that YouTube views are so important, but the clue is in the name - Radio 1. Radio first, everything else should be second. RAJARs not including listeners under 15 is irrelevant - they aren't in the remit.
  20. Have you noticed for a number of songs you'll hear a highly-produced intro, and a few days later it gets dropped for a boring version? Ellie Goulding's new song for example - the original had an auto-tuned Ellie saying her name but it's since been replaced with a generic voiceover. Alice Levine mentioned on air she wasn't happy about that one actually. It seems they're testing new sounds and voices out, dropping parts that don't work along the way. Perhaps when a sound is settled on we'll hear things on a more permanent basis. Also heard an intro yesterday that had 'Where It Begins' mixed in. I sort of figured that slogan was getting phased out but maybe not.
  21. Chris Smith with the News is obviously the king of news but I've always been a fan of Jonathan Blake since he was on Greg's early breakfast show - I'm sure he's now moved to the Political Editor post so perhaps unlikely to be on breakfast should Tina move on however. Steffan is definitely distinctive, great chemistry with Matt Edmondson.
  22. I fully agree with the above, Alice is a star and is surely a frontrunner for a daytime slot. I always thought it was a strange decision to put Clara over Alice in the mid-morning show but I suppose it would make sense to leave her open to maybe take over Greg one day. Saying that Dev is fantastic so I'd be happy with either. In terms of breakfast I kitted out the car with DAB radio so Moyles has taken over Grimmy for me.
  23. I would imagine so. I think it'll be a blend of both for the foreseeable but then you never know.
  24. It's still a pretty decent lineup, despite the lack of weekend performances. Perhaps doing a show from Justin Bieber's house blew the budget this year.
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