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  1. Bert! You're still around then mate?

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  3. Happy Birthday Mr Magic. Hope you have a lovely day.:)

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    I've not posted here much lately, but this thread caught my attention and I feel quite thoughtful so thought i'd reply to it. I've had quite a few *best* friends in the past, ever since school age, but every single time, something just ... went astray. Bare with me, the story does have a happy ending eventually. The first person I ever really got close to I met at work when I first started there. I was only 14 at the time, and was awfully confused about sexuality and life in general. I found myself liking most things about the person in question, and we became good friends, went to each other's houses and the such. Until eventually, not a year later, I obviously craved his friendship more than he craved mine, as he said things behind my back and it came out he was fed up of me and I was too clingy - but he didn't have the balls to say it to my face, just to others. I'd not seen him in about 5 years until about 2 months ago, when he got off of a bus which I was getting on. I thought i'd seen a ghost, but we said Hi and just went on our way. The funny thing is, 13 years later, and he hadn't changed a bit and I would probably start having feelings for him if things were different. So. By the time I left school, I had a really good friend round where I live at home. We lived about 3 blocks away and just got on quite well really. He was the person who went with me to collect my GCSE results, and helped me through things back then. Then he just ... stopped calling for me, stopped ringing me, and I eventually found out he'd found *other* friends who didn't like me and just turned away from me really. His loss. I've not seen him in a LONG time. Around the same time, I got to know someone quite well at school before I left, who was a few years younger than me, but we seemed to hit it off and got on quite well. We vowed to stay in touch when I left school, but ultimately, due to various problems at home, he moved away to near Birmingham and I only ever saw him once more after I left school. Until he found me on Facebook a few months ago, which I was over the moon at. Unfortunately, though, we don't talk as regularly as i'd like to now, due to him being quite busy. But it was still totally awesome to be put back in touch with him like that. I'd tried so many times to find him, too. So that lead me onto the start of my online life. And for a couple of years, I was a recluse mostly. and didn't get close to many people at all. Then I became involved in a local DJ's radio show and as a result, got to know quite a few people from the social chat room group and became quite social really. I made 2 friends from Leeds who stood out though, who were neighbours, and who I got on famously with. I got to know one better than the other though and he helped me through probably upto that point, the toughest point in my life. I was at his house when my auntie passed away in 2001 (who I was stupidly close to) and for helping me through that, I will always owe him a debt of gratitude. I still talk to him now on and off, but we just drifted apart, mutually. I'm glad I still know him though and will never forget how much he helped me when I needed it the most. 2003 and I got ridiculously close to someone at work. Who was 5 or 6 years younger than me, but we got on and got quite close. To the point that we hugged each other, put arms round each other etc, but it was only purely ever platonic and we both knew nothing would ever go deeper than that. And it was fine. We lived quite close so saw a lot of each other and both shared a common bond with the work we were doing. Then, somehow, his parents found out about sexuality issues with me and turned him against me. They conspired to get me fired from my job, and make lude accusations against me, which I knew were nothing but lies. I got suspended from work for seemingly no reason and in the end it drove me to wanting to self harm and various other things, despite knowing I was completely innocent. Eventually, he admitted it was all lies spawned out of narrowness and jealousy, and my name was cleared. BUT my perception of who to trust was ruined for a long time. I didn't get close to ANYONE at all for years after this, because it screwed me up pretty bad. The person i'm referring to there and I are now in touch again though, and we are trying to mend fences, so that's good, I Guess? It wasn't until 2006/2007 that I befriended people at the local wrestling company who's shows I went to see (and eventually ended up working at) - and I got on really well with a few of them, but one in particular. Who I let into my life and I thought would be a mainstay in mine and would be cool with me. But he lost his interest in the thing that brought us together earlier this year and has virtually abandoned all the friends he made through it, including me, which to be honest, has hurt quite a bit. But because i'm not one to hold grudges, I never said anything to him about it and just let him go on his way. It's not a good way to treat *close friends* though, is it? Just distancing yourself from them totally and not saying anything. Bare in mind we talked for hours, met up regularly etc. So that brings me to now. Thankfully, there's a happy ending. Someone who'd seen me through the work I do added me to Facebook back in March and I started talking to him as he seemed OK. Over the past 5 months it's been nothing short of a miracle what's happened really. We've just sort of exploded into each other's lives and let each other embark on a seriously close friendship. And to be honest, it's helped me so much this year, without it I know i'd be in a much worse place in life now. I've never spent as much time online talking to one person, and we've never had a cross or bad word to say to each other, infact, there's been nothing but honesty, and it's never felt so genuine to me. I've been to visit him a couple of times since first meeting him and it's basically the single best thing in my life at the moment. I just hope that it lasts, unlike all the others i've mentioned. I really want it to be a long term thing and hope he feels the same way. It's taught me that just having even ONE person in your life can make such a huge, vast difference, and i'm more than grateful for that. So yeh, I've been treated prertty bad in the past, but i'm at a happy place in my life now friend wise. Great idea for a thread, this I feel a lot better just getting all that off my chest.
  5. Hey :)

    I'm ... trying my best. It's been over 3 weeks now and things are still strange and weird. But I'm trying hard to just get back to some kind of normality or something, ya know? It's all I can do!

    But I still get lots of upset feelings every day, I guess that's just natural though.

    Thanks for asking :)

  6. How are you bearing up sweetie?

  7. Hello, did everything go ok today? Hope you are ok.

  8. It's almost like talking hold music.
  9. LOL. That sounded....messy! Taking forever to load, but it does eventually.
  10. I really like this Fall Out Boy cover. Is that bad and wrong of me?
  11. Paul is on about the program on Channel 5 last night about the people who were *married* to things like the Eiffel Tower and the Berlin Wall ..
  12. I Sky+'d it. You just reminded me because i'd totally forgot! So an inadvertant thanks
  13. Hah. The Chuckle brothers were at the hospital I work at yesterday. Shame I didn't find out till after they'd been!
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