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  1. This sounds like fun, however I'm going to try it on MS paint, for a harder challenge and due to the fact that I currently do not have any fancy editing software's on my computer (cleaning up and reinstalling Vista)
  2. Wow, that was great good work! I like how some parts a repeated again. I was thinking, do you remember the first single by the TingTings, I think that would work well. Love it, I've listened to it about 3 times already!
  3. Chappers is rubbish at the brass out of time, almost every time.
  4. Leave here now and take your McFlurry's with you.:x Afternoon guys! Bass Hunter Track, I did not think it was so bad... the 'Are you ready' bit does get annoying though.8)
  5. (Taking ages to load. ) Actually, I'm not scared of them too. There is no spider in the whole of the UK, which can harm you* that's the thing that reassures me. Maybe if I lived in Madagascar or an other part of the world where they had other types of spiders I may be a bit scared, but the ones here...what are they going to do to you? Nothing They're just exploring. *Of cause this excludes the ones brought into this country illegally, or ones in the ZOO but there are no wild spiders living here which can harm.:hahaha:
  6. I think I'm going to watch the second part of Waking the dead now. Love you iPlayer.
  7. Hey geeks! Good afternoon! What Gold have I missed? Oh a question, when and what was that about Scott Mills Show being on BBC3?
  8. Just listen again online, press the '15min' button 11 times Then press the '5min' button twice, you should get there. Had fun today, goodbye!
  9. Well he could of at least got the name right. But I liked how Chappers got told! Love you Zane! Sorry, but I never saw any threads on here wanting chap plat... But I'm up for it! Scott Mills Gold has the imput of Chappers.
  10. I still don't get what you mean... But I wonder if Chappers will finish on the dot? It'd make you very happy.
  11. I agree. I tend to do that with songs of iTunes, and just get sick of them.
  12. I hate this song, so much. I don't care if she's wearing your watch! Stupid American tradition thing.
  13. Ah Chappers second sexist comment.
  14. YES YES YES YES YES YES!!! An old Scott Gold!
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