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  1. Nope, just petrol. Agree completely re voting, but surely a sociable young man like youself has some idea!?!
  2. My mum's is called Daisy! It still didn't remind her. Nx
  3. Like this lovely camp dancy new song from AVH. Can imagine it'll be a summer dance fave.
  4. Of course not! I can't go either. :grrr: I live even further, and can't apply for tickets either. Jono had good point tho', I don't have to pay license fee for bbc - EVEN SO! Feel pretty gutted. Thank God I have a red button!
  5. But you're going to meet The Hamster, don't know how I remember this!?! You might have subtly mentioned it some point!!! Lucky cow!
  6. I'm NOT advocating dieting! They have very nice bottoms.
  7. Their backsides are pretty large, for such extreme poverty!
  8. Please DON'T. They're a pain in the .....
  9. Well I'm not grumpy. Can listen to Scott live for once. Have to miss end bit tho.
  10. Set fire to my hair with bunsen burner once, stank the chem lab out, and didn't like new fringe much
  11. Hello everyone. Fun to actually be on here during show. Bank hol for me today. What's with it with you and your ears Kelly. Used to shop at Roots and Fruits. Think we could coerce David and Richard into semi-clad pillow fight if IT'S FOR 'CHARITY'! Nx
  12. It's just Jo stepping up her 'vengeance campaign'! Nx
  13. The TOTAL lack of appreciation is just staggering! Think he deserved a glass or 2 of the pinot g. What a great bunch to go to the pub with.
  14. They are going to broadcast it on telly or radio at least aren't they, she asks worriedly?!
  15. Thanks Jono, Yeah, but I'd be more than happy to pay it for a couple of these almost Willy Wonker type golden tickets! Have to get my mate in Preston to try. Nx
  16. Oh for God's, Allah's,etc, etc's sake ...it's a music station. Do they want to lose all their listeners? Just off to church to confess, back in a tic, but have to do all my Hail Marys first. This may take some time! Nx
  17. S'not fair! Pretty sure I can't apply for tickets if I live in Spain. This is generally the case. I'd happily pay the airfare if I could get my sticky little mitts on some! Is this the case Jono? I think if it is, it's RACISM pure and simple! (OK, clutching at straws here). Please let me know. Nx
  18. 8) Rushed about like headless chicken trying to find you in forum. Wish I could get the hang of this tricky forum business. Would be nice to chat. Not in the capacity of stalker. I just have friends who go to bed a lot earlier than me, or sleep sometimes! Might try to hit sack now or I'll miss the lovely James Martin tomorrow morning. Buenas noches, Nx
  19. You still there Monitorabbit? If so happy belated B-day! You been celebrating? Nx
  20. I'm still obssessed with new Groove Armada. They are fantastic
  21. Mark was quite shy(strange), but funny. Steve was slightly offputting in a pervy way and really arrogant. Paid for a great dinner in the Ubiquitous Chip though. Nx
  22. Hello Kelly, Meet Wesley (who should NOT be on my bed!) Are you better? Nx
  23. Nope, I did too and met him. Long story, but I notice you're from Glasgow. Went to Uni there 91-95, my flatmate Wendy on Cecil St was going out with ML (briefly). So obviously when he was in Glasgow I blagged an intro to Steve Coogan who I adored at the time, was told he liked blondes, so thought I'm in there. SC might be funny, but HMMMMM. Nx
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