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  1. i have tried again through the radio 1 site and ive managed to get it on wooo hooo, at least now i can listen to yesterdays show
  2. its not bloody working:* just keeps coming up..a general error has occured:cry: i have missed the show all week because when ive tried to listen again i cant find it, it just brings up fearn cotton from last friday.
  3. where can i listen to scotts show again from this morning, when i try radio1 it ain't there :cry:
  4. where can i listen again, as i missed the show
  5. it said in the sun yesterday its ja rule
  6. these tuuunes are taking me back to the old skool ahhh :biggrin:
  7. what a tuuuuuuuune keep em comin scott :cool:
  8. OMG Robbiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie :woo:
  9. my sister went to school with this lad...... excuse the pun but he is an arse hole
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