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  1. This has bugged me for a while, was Wes Butters (from Top 40 fame) gay? Or was he just a bit camp like Joel?
  2. May be they read this... what a conspiracy... a DJ reading a message board!
  3. Mark and Lard? Why not bring back Lisa I'Anson, Emma B and Jamie Theakston if we're going to live in the past. Yes they were legends, but we're pushing four years now since they've been gone and they'll soon be clocking up the age of 100 between them. JK and Joel seem to be the two that get on best with the Scott Mills team - they get on with Chappers, the one that doesn't speak, and Laura when she produces. I doubt Sara Cox gets on with all of them.
  4. Not a sticky tape and printer effort like the first gig then?
  5. DC thought he was signing up to the Richard Hammond site. He has a crush on him
  6. I thought she was having a mental break down the other night Not even Jono's on tonight, that's a first
  7. We think the your views topic should be scrapped, join the shoutbox instead!
  8. Still nothing about yesterday's podcast.
  9. I keep forgetting to set my alarm clock, does that count?
  10. Thought I'd left the indicators on my car for a minute then what this Fratellis track started. "ONE" indicators...
  11. Scott puts kisses on his texts to men? And they have him in the directory as "Scott Mills". Why not Scott? Bit awkward if they lose that phone!
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