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  1. Another big fan of the Capital breakfast show here. I didn't expect to stick with it, but I try to listen back every day (I have Greg on every morning because I am a huge fan of his style and can't think of any other presenters who can do what he does solo on that show every day). I tend to catch up on Capital, either at 10.30am when RMC start, or in the afternoon, depending on what's on in work. I never was the biggest fan of Vick & Jordan together on going home. It had some funny moments, but for the most part it seemed to me like Vick playing herself down and giggling a lot, and Jordan reining in his tangents and was mostly an awkward listen for me. Jordan with Chris and Sian has turned into a must listen. I get that it's very different from R1, ads, shorter links etc are some of the criticisms. But, they have a lot of features, they seem to make the links count and get into interesting topics, different topics every day. Maybe it's just my age, but I feel like they are celebrating all things average that most people would be able to take part in. It's laugh out loud radio that I really wasn't expecting it to be, having never been a Capital listener before. I miss Sian already, but Kemi is doing a great job filling in, she seems a great fit so far. Breakfast is the only show I listen to on Capital, so I can't comment on how repetitive it gets throughout the day. I imagine it's no different to a whole day of R1 at the moment though. I find that Capital seem to sprinkle more variety into the playlist daily and throw a few old school tracks in there to mix it up more. To me it feels like the Radio 1.5 I have been waiting for. Playing the Birds of a Feather theme tune is acceptable here and it's okay to admit to going to bed at 8pm. Perfect! Maybe I haven't been listening long enough for the playlist to grate on me yet. I am fidning the R1 playlist repetitively dull at the moment, but that's partly because I am not that much invested in the presenters/shows that are on after Greg at the moment. In the same way I am not interested in anything else on Capital apart from breakfast. When Scott said 'Oh god it's not Tiesto with The Business again?' during the last lolathon I'm sure I wasn't the only one thinking the same! I was listening because it was Scott & Chris.
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