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  1. It's a bit sad knowing that this is the last ever time Alice will be on R1. She's always been one of my favourite presenters and listening to her show has always manged to put a smile on my face and often had me laughing out loud. Best of luck to her in whatever she does next.
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  2. BBCR1_James

    New Schedule

    I agree I don’t really like Anthems anymore, feels unnecessary. They could just slip a couple of classic turns into the playlist throughout the day. Or make some classic mixes available on BBC Sounds. I always thought Party Anthems was good 6-7 as it kind of symbolised end of the working week and start of the weekend. Bit pointless 3-4. If they wanted to bring Annie Mac forward I would of done Official Chart 3-5 and Party Anthems 5-5:45.
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