November 2008 Podcasts


November 2008 Podcasts

Mini Me - 4th November 2008 Vern Troyer aka Mini Me from Austin Powers comes in for a chat (and seemed to get on rather well with Becky?), plus another classic Oh! What's Occurring, random public service announcements and Scott talks about awkward guest appearances.
You look lovely... honest! - 5th November 2008 Scott is thinking about getting his mum a photo shoot for Christmas and he thinks seeing your pictures from them will help him decide. Plus, how much do Mini Me's pants weigh? Chappers and Huw Stephens have to guess in Oh! What's Occurring!
Wheel of Impressions - 6th November 2008 Scott reveals his new game, which involves everyone making fools of themselves. We've got proof that Craig David will do anything on the promotional trail and Paddy McGuinness reveals how much he loves Sally Morgan.
Rate Yourself... Euwwww - 7th November 2008 Scott asks everyone to rate themselves as a kisser (out of 10), which proves to be very uncomfortable indeed! Adele does her best impressions in Oh! What's Occurring and Edith is on the red carpet at the MTV Europe Music Awards.
No! What's Occurring! - 11th November 2008 There's shock that the nation's favourite quiz isn't happening because of the weather. Plus, Scott practices his new ventriloquism act and tells us about his new favourite TV show "The Goddesses". And if that's not enough, Mariah Carey is on and Scott's hoping she'll buy him a house!
Leona Lewis - 12th November 2008 Leona pops in for a chat and as a special treat, Scott has written her a song! Oh! What's Occurring is back and today it features Tess Daly, a horse and Bob the Builder. Plus, Scott's getting worried about famous people who do book signings... what if no one turns up?
Katy Perry - 13th November 2008 There's something going on and Chappers is very suspicious... Scott and the team are all dressed up but no one told him, so he's fearing the worst. Plus, Oh! What's Occurring featuring Greg James and Britney Spears.
Chappers in the pub - 14th November 2008 Well, not entirely true... he's hosting some pub awards somewhere. We miss him so much we give him his very own theme tune. Zane comes in to play Oh! What's Occurring and we speak to boxing champion Joe Calzaghe!
It's Only Bley Friday - 17th November 2008 Scott thinks It's Only Bley Friday would sound better if he played the organ at the same time. Plus, he's found some old people who love singing about Ridin' Dirty!
Amy's Mum - 18th November 2008 Amy's mum has left her so many strange messages on her answering machine, she's made a CD of them! Plus, why Scott is on the BBC Sport website?! And there's no Chappers this week, so Anna Lee pops in to play Oh! What's Occurring?
Blue Screen Of Death - 21st November 2008 The computers in the studio were in a right mood today... could Scott fix them before Oh! What's Occurring?! Plus, dogs on wheels, Barry from the Block on Weakest Link and Jimmy Carr.
Jimmy Carr - 24th November 2008 It's Only Bley Friday so we've got a cheese board to celebrate! Plus, is it possible to blow off without realising it? And Jimmy Carr tells us how he became a comedy legend!
Chappers is back - 25th November 2008 Scott fills Chappers in on everything he's missed whilst he's been away. Plus, the man with the floating cheeseboard, things you only buy at Christmas, Ray Winstone, George Sampson, more from Amy's mum, Scott's appearance on Hole In The Wall and Oh! What's Occurring with Same Difference.
Random people in your house - 26th November 2008 Scott's friend woke up to find a strange man on his sofa... has this happened to anyone else?! Plus, is answering yourself contagious? Yes. And, we love University Challenge, checkouts that talk to you, Westwood on Oh! What's Occurring and will there be a Muppet Week on X Factor? We blimin' hope so!
Muppet Week on X Factor - 27th November 2008 Scott decides he'd like an all-you-can-eat xmas buffet for the work's xmas lunch this year - buffet politics and etiquette are then discussed (e.g. how long can you stay at such a buffet before you get removed or worse?arrested?!). Scott continues his campaign for Muppet Week on X Factor. Plus of course more Oh! What's Occurin and Beccy's classifieds get more and more random...
Fraser gets it wrong - 28th November 2008 Scott's housemate Fraser makes a bit of a faux pas with a lady at work involving some fried chicken. Just how many people have been downloading 'Run' by Leona Lewis... without Leona? Find out if Scott's dodgy french works the magic on ladies. Plus more Dear Scott's and Zane and Huw go head-to-head in Oh! What's Occurin'...

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