December 2008 Podcasts


December 2008 Podcasts

It's Only Bley Friday - 1st December 2008 Ooooh it's a good one today! Plus, Wing's been in touch about her new single and Scott shows off his language skills... er... think it's been a while since he's been to France!
Lily Allen - 2nd December 2008 Lily Allen pops in to have a good old chat! Plus, girls hating presents and will Jemma sing for us on Oh! What's Occurring?
Sugababes - 3rd December 2008 Keisha, Heidi and Amelle dropped in for a chat and some sweets - they loved them! Plus, Scott and Beccy have an 80s style makeover, Chappers admits to wearing special casual clothes indoors and Oh! What's Occurring features Lily Allen, Spooks and some elephant noises.
Moustaches - 4th December 2008 Does anyone look good with a moustache? Why was Scott wearing pink trainers? And will Beccy get a lighthouse for Christmas? Plus, Beccy's Classifieds and Oh! What's Occurring featuring Gok Wan, bad impressions from the Sugababes and more facial hair.
The Day After The Christmas Party - 5th December 2008 Today Scott and Chappers decide if they should send a poorly Beccy home before she spontaneously combusts. And does your Nan ever use text speak? Apparently lots of Nans do, but do they know what they're saying? Find out in Oh What's Occurrin.
It's only bleeeey Fridaaaaaay!! - 8th December 2008 Scott has a special treat for you it's only bleey Friday fans this week. Have you ever made stuff up about your parents at school to make you sound more cool? Scott finds out some of the more random childhood claims you've made!
Bad Chat Up Lines - 9th December 2008 A man we work with tried to chat up Lily Allen with the worst line ever... Plus, Chappers has a Christmas injury, we've got some great personalised songs and Jemma from the office raps for us in Oh! What's Occurring.
Scott's New Scissors - 10th December 2008 But they're not any normal scissors... they're special laser scissors! Plus, Scott turns on some Christmas lights, there's a strange bleeping in the studio and Boris Johnson is making a lot of posh noises on Oh! What's Occurring. Oh, and kissing can make you deaf apparently, so watch out!
The Best Podcast Ever? - 11th December 2008 Scott's decides he's going to offer some quotes for the back of DVDs. Surely everyone will want his endorsement, won't they? Plus, Beccy's Classifieds, Science News, Boris Johnson, Scott's housemate, Colin Murray with some catchphrases and Scott tries to persuade us to go to a panto with him.
Where's Chappers? - 12th December 2008 He was last seen going for his dinner... hopefully he'll turn up soon! We get to the bottom of the Sara Cox, Beccy and spinach story. Scott proves he's still got it when he tries to talk up the singing in old Christmas songs. Plus, Fergie causes a lot of confusion in Oh! What's Occurring.
It's Only Bley Friday - 15th December 2008 Scott's getting very excited about X Factor, squeezy cheese and some very hardcore Christmas tunes he's borrowed from Radio 1's Kutski!
Presents for pets - 16th December 2008 Scott's friend is buying Christmas presents for her pets, is that wrong? Plus, Chappers is feeling festive, Scott's getting his films confused again and we find out who Scott lovingly calls Little Donkey!
Fish Football - 17th December 2008 Scott's found the best pet Christmas present ever... he's going to train his fish to play football. Plus, Chappers is looking smart, city workers are wearing santa outfits, Crimewatch is giving fashion advice, children are playing turkeys in their nativity plays, Scott's got a machine to make his arms muscly and on Oh! What's Occurring, Westwood plays the fizzy pop game, how amazing was Saturday night's Xtra Factor and would you marry madonna for 60 million?!
Apple Bobbing - 18th December 2008 The One That Doesn't Speak goes apple bobbing.
Beccy and the IT Crowd - 19th December 2008 Beccy went out for dinner and got a bit too excited when saw an actor at the table next to her. Plus, Scott's been invited to the Skins Christmas party, Jamie's split up with his girlfriend and is feeling sad, Ali makes his feelings clear in Dear Scott and in Oh! What's Occurring we find out what happens when you spill carpet cleaner and how many mince pies The One That Doesn't Speak can eat in a minute.
Back on breakfast! - 22nd December 2008 Scott challenges Chappers and Beccy with the best of 'Oh, What's Occuring'. The team want pictures of Scott on Hole In The Wall for Christmas. After the show Scott and selected members of the team are going out for their Christmas lunch. Plus, there's only three more sleeps until Christmas, does this include an afternoon nap?
Sara Cox takes part in 'Oh, What's Occuring' - 23rd December 2008 Scott and Beccy were disappointed with the cheese board at the Christmas lunch yesterday. Chappers would rather be naked and fly than be invisible. Scott plays the best of 'Oh, What's Occurring' with Sara Cox. Plus, 'X Factor or Live Lounge' is back!
One more sleep until Christmas! - 24th December 2008 Last night Scott saw a lot of people wearing Santa hats whilst out shopping with Beccy. There's another round of 'Would You Rather'. Chappers and The One Who Doesn't Speak haven't done their Christmas shopping yet. Plus, Scott has a special Barryoake for the team.

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It's Only Bley Friday - 1st December 2008Download
Lily Allen - 2nd December 2008Download
Sugababes - 3rd December 2008Download
Moustaches - 4th December 2008Download
The Day After The Christmas Party - 5th December 2008Download
It's only bleeeey Fridaaaaaay!! - 8th December 2008Download
Bad Chat Up Lines - 9th December 2008Download
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The Best Podcast Ever? - 11th December 2008Download
Where's Chappers? - 12th December 2008Download
It's Only Bley Friday - 15th December 2008Download
Presents for pets - 16th December 2008Download
Fish Football - 17th December 2008Download
Apple Bobbing - 18th December 2008Download
Beccy and the IT Crowd - 19th December 2008Download
Back on breakfast! - 22nd December 2008Download
Sara Cox takes part in 'Oh, What's Occuring' - 23rd December 2008Download

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