Florist Calls


Florist Calls



Florist Call - 22nd May 2008 Scott makes another rapping florist call.
Rapping Florists - 28th April 2008 A florist from Amsterdam unwittingly performs Flo Rider.
Rapping Florists - 22nd November 2008 Scott's discovered that Dutch florists make amazing rappers. Featuring attempts at Fiddy Cent and Calvin Harris.
Florist Call - 9th May 2007 Laura makes a saucy florist call... and they still put it on the card.
Florist Call - 7th March 2007 Scott tries to get a robbery under way by calling a florist to put the message on the card that comes with the flowers.
Florist Call - 17th October 2006 A message for Scott's dad in today's Florist Game.
Florist Call - 12th October 2006 Chappers creates a florist message for his brother.

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Florist Call - 22nd May 2008Download
Rapping Florists - 28th April 2008Download
Rapping Florists - 22nd November 2008Download
Florist Call - 5th November 2007Download
Florist Call - 9th May 2007Download
Florist Call - 7th March 2007Download
Florist Call - 17th October 2006Download
Florist Call - 12th October 2006Download