January 2009 Podcasts


January 2009 Podcasts

Scott fancies a go at Eurovision - 5th January 2009 Over the holidays Scott's been doing karaoke in Japan and there's been plenty of Dear Scott's to catch up on. 2009 so far has been freezing, but it's OK - Becky is bringing back the balaclava. Oh! What's Occurin' is back as is the real-or-fake Inventions game. Plus Scott is attempting the Eurovision song for Moldova, and he digs a bit of a hole talking about monkeys.
Inventions, Tombliboos & Timmy Mallett - 6th January 2009 Timmy's been in touch, wanting Scott to play his new single. Plus, Chappers has a big head in Dear Scott, boys don't know their girlfriends eye colour, Tombliboos have trouser problems, comparing girls to film stars can get you in trouble, don't invite your neighbours to your party and some more amazing inventions.
German TV - 7th January 2009 Scott's favourite Beccy's Classifieds yet, including a 'special' wedding dress and lots of shredded paper. Scott finds out if German TV really is that bad. Has everyone fallen asleep at work at some stage in their lives? Plus more Dear Scott's and Oh! What's Occurin' starring Sara Cox in the possible new gameshow 'Smell My Finger'. It's all here...
Old People - 8th January 2009 Scott gets a bit paranoid thinking his friend found an excuse to get him off the phone - do many people really do that? Westwood introduces us to the delights of his 'walk-in' wardrobe and teaches us how to get dressing on a morning. We love old people - but what on earth are they talking about? Plus more Dear Scotts and Oh What's Occurin' which targets a rather gullible member of Radio 1 staff...
It's Only Bley Friday! - 9th January 2009 Scott's given up chewing gum in favour of an 80s breath freshener spray and has been using his phone to chat up French people. Plus, dogs, driving tests and Dear Scott. And Oh! What's Occurring features Colin and Edith, Dev from Corrie's strange noises and David Beckham!
Scott's back from LA - 15th January 2009 Find out all the gossip and how the Hoff's dressing gown accidentally ended up in Scott's bag! Will Beccy gets rid of her friends for a burger? Plus, Kate Winslet accepts an award, Greg James has a broken studio and Matt Fincham (off of Moyles show) bobs for pickled onions in Oh! What's Occurring. And if you're looking for a bargain, you need Beccy's Classifieds!
Big Willy - 16th January 2009 Will Smith takes part in a very special edition of Wikiwahwah What's Occurring, which includes his brilliant Chris Moyles impression. Plus, more on the Hoff's dressing gown, finding Beccy a talent and your emails and texts in Dear Scott.
Lady Gaga - 19th January 2009 It's Only Bley Friday so Gaga drops in for a chat and gossip with Scott. Plus, Scott let's loose his amazing Lionel Richie rap!
The Honesty Game is back - 20th January 2009 It's back and it's Beccy's first one! Unofficial Mills has made it into the Guardian, we feel sorry for Katy Perry, Scott's flatmate has replaced his girlfriend with a ferret, Polar bears in disguise and we chat to Lily Allen. Plus, do you know what plastic surgery your partner would choose? We try not to break up too many relationships in Oh! What's Occurring.
Paul McKenna - 21st January 2009 He can make you anything you like, but will he figure out what's going on with Scott, Lorraine Kelly and a banana in Oh! What's Occurring?! Plus, Amy Winehouse on the piano, everything is Brillyallent, Chappers on Celebrity Mastermind, Brit Awards nominations and Beccy deletes more friends on Facebook for a burger.
Pleeeeeaaase take me back!! - 22nd January 2009 Have you ever not really got over an ex and begged them to get back with you? One guy on the internet thought it would be good to make a video for his ex girlfriend! Plus, Scott's got plumbing issues, Chappers is wearing the wrong outfit, Beccy's got more classifieds, Vicky Pollard speaks German and Paul McKenna, George Bush and Kelly Brook all feature on Oh! What's Occurring.
Unboxing - 23rd January 2009 Scott's new favourite thing is unboxing - it's geeks filming themselves unwrapping new gadgets and he loves it! Plus, a strange advert, more German TV, an NDubz baby and your emails & texts in Dear Scott. Also, find out who wins the big Radio 1 Doughnut Race and how much Sara Cox loves food in Oh! What's Occurring.
It's Only Bley Friday - 24th January 2009 Scott's been praticising his IOBF all week - will you be impressed?! Plus, more back handed compliments and find out why Scott's face is all over Newcastle University!
The Honesty Game - 28th January 2009 It's back once again but what will the revelations be this week?! There's wearing women's knickers, career laughing and Comedy Dave giving away more secrets in Oh! What's Occurring. Plus, Scott's only eating things wrapped in clingfilm and hoping one day he'll go out with Sly Stallone!
You're Amazing! You're Great! - 29th January 2009 Scott's found a new CD that he hopes will cheer you up and make you feel brilliant, but will it work? Plus, parrots vs ferrets, Friday night friends and going to Paul's house to use the loo. And the plastic surgery game is back in Oh! What's Occurring - how many relationships will survive this time?!
Paris' BBF - 30th January 2009 Scott's BFF joins us in the studio to talk about her new TV show and wrestling crocodiles. Plus, we answer more of your questions in Dear Scott and Sara Cox has been talking about food again!!

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