February 2010 Podcasts


February 2010 Podcasts

Scott is back - 9th February 2010 Scott's back from Thailand with some amazing new TV shows for us and they've got the best music on them. Plus, he's been watching the Superbowl, but just for the coin toss. And Patrick is back to play Oh! What's Occurring?
Birthday Game - 10th February 2010 Scott's decided holidays at sea could be the way forward, but is he too young? We try the Birthday Game - it has to work, doesn't it? And Jonathan Ross says er alot and Matt Fincham gets stuff thrown at him in Oh! What's Occurring?!
Scott splits up with his bank - 11th February 2010 He's been meaning to do it for ages and yesterday was the day... he's been crying ever since. Scouting For Girls surprise Beccy after she complained about their website and nutty chocolates and Valentines Day Swannee whistle hits in Oh! What's Occurring?!
Jedward Egg Beccy - 12th February 2010 We're not quite sure what happened but Jedward turned up and egged Beccy in the face. Plus, it's a double Bianca Gasgoigne special in Oh! What's Occurring?! And the PR4L reads out your texts and emails in Dear Scott.
Its a taxi office and a tattoo parlour - 15th February 2010 It's only bley Friday! Plus, Scott's new obsession is shops that double up as something else and there are a lot of them out there.
The longest OWO ever - 16th February 2010 Patrick's still winning and Scott gets very confused in Oh! What's Occurring. Plus, Beccy's amazing Valentines Day and Scott's flatmate's walk on music mistake.
Brit Awards - 17th February 2010 Scott's backstage at the Brits with all the celebs including Kylie, Lily Allen, Dizzee Rascal, Florence and the Machine, JLS, N-Dubz and loads more. And Greg James is on the red carpet asking Leona Lewis if she's ever smelt a badger.
Statuegate - 18th February 2010 Scott and Greg had a bit of an accident at the Brits, involving a 2 metre statue... it didn't go to plan. Plus, there's a pay dispute in Oh! What's Occurring and we have some fun with computer voices with accents.
Where do they find people who fall in love with buses - 19th February 2010 Scott tries to decide if he wants Anton Du Bec on the show talking about pork, Becky wonders where they find the people in gossip magazines who fall in love with buses, and we ask the good people of Stupid Street who they think is the greatest Welsh person of all time.
Twinned Toilets - 22nd February 2010 Scott plans how to get round the women and children first rule on boats, and discovers that just like twinned towns you can also get twinned toilets.
Huw Stephens Sits In For Scott - 24th February 2010 Huw covered for poorly Scott again and had some more hilarious Oh What's Occuring fun!
Scotts Back - 25th February 2010 Scott's back with more Oh What's Occuring fun with undefeated Patrick. Plus, a welcome return for Beccy's Classifieds!
Scott loves a Sylvester tracksuit - 26th February 2010 Scott speaks to 'Artie' from Glee & is very excited about receiving his new Sue Sylvester tracksuit. Plus, in Beccy's absense, Mistajam takes on the mighty Patrick in Oh What's Occuring.

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