March 2010 Podcasts


March 2010 Podcasts

Its Only Bley Friday - 1st March 2010 Scott's got a brilliant IOBF for you today. Plus, how he almost died in his local shop... or so he claims.
Its Actual James Earl Jones off of Darth Vader & The Lion King - 2nd March 2010 Scott meets James Earl Jones off of Darth Vader and the Lion King and it's an emotional goodbye from Patrick as it's his last day on 'Oh What's Occuring!
Move over Patrick, David is here - 3rd March 2010 Yep, David is our new Oh! What's Occurring contestant and today he's faced with situations featuring the Winter Olympics, Johnny Depp and Lily Allen. Plus, Beccy wants to be in the 4 man Bobsleigh and Scott is worried for our Welsh listeners.
You Complete Me! - 4th March 2010 Scott's childhood dream was to be on Blue Peter, hear about his disatraous attempts at making a football pitch. Also, real-life teacher confessions and does saying the phrase 'You Complete Me' save your relationship?
Extreme Fishing with Robson Green - 5th March 2010 Scott's been watching America's Next Top Model and discovered an amazing new song from it... he thinks this would work well on other shows too, like Robson Green's new one. David's back for Oh! What's Occurring and Scott is obsessed with your massage faces.
Its Only Bley Friday - 8th March 2010 Yay! It's the Weekend, so here's a very special IOBF just for you.
Maaaaaatttttttt Daaaaammoooon - 9th March 2010 Yep, it's the return of everyone's favourite game and the man himself is on a very special Oh! What's Occurring? Will he win Beccy?! Plus, Scott is loving Undercover Princesses and Westwood falling off stage.
King Curtis - 10th March 2010 Scott's found a boy from Wife Swap who is just like Beccy. And she's gone to LA to live with Matt Damon, or has she? Plus, more on Scott's massage face, calling a Chinese restaurant with the lovely chart number lady and will anyone else rise to the challenge that is the Matt Damon game?
Gerard Butler - 11th March 2010 Our favourite actor pops in for a chat - will he agree to be in our new Rom Com? Would you send your favourite toy on holiday without you? And Laura is back for more Oh! What's Occurring fun.
Gerard and Jen film the Romcom - 12th March 2010 Yep, they were on set all day and we've got the results to play out. Plus, your emails and text read out by the Posh Radio 4 Lady in Dear Scott and another amazing Match of the Day mashup in Oh! What's Occurring?!
Scotts pants - 15th March 2010 Scott recieves pants from a listener for his birthday, but will he risk wearing them? And it's only bley Friday!
Miles from Hell - Day 1 - 16th March 2010 Scott starts his Sport Relief challenges in a sewer! Euwwww. Plus, Scott plays the annoying repeating game in Oh! What's Occurring and we've got some amazing local adverts from America... Butt Drugs anyone?
Miles from Hell - Day 2 - 17th March 2010 Today Scott is being ridden around Kempton Park racecourse with top female jockey Hayley Turner on his back... will he even make it out of the stalls? And Beccy thinks he needs a bit of mid-week motivation, so who better to give it to him, than actual Sue Sylvester off of Glee!
Miles from Hell - Day 3 - 18th March 2010 After climbing 5 of the tallest buildings in London, Scott turned up a bit late for the show... but we'll let him off as it was all for Sport Relief. Plus, Crystal Swing are proving too expensive for Scott's Wedding plans and Mike is back for Oh! What's Occurring?
Miles from Hell - Day 4 - 19th March 2010 What time is it Scott? How did Scott's penultimate Sport Relief mile go? Did Chico help or hinder the three legged journey? Meet the new contestant for Oh! What's Occuring and as it's Thursday, get ready for the return of "Dear Scott" and "The PR4L"
Scott Completes His Miles From Hell - 22nd March 2010 An excellent 'It's Only Bley Friday' and a look back at Scott's Miles From Hell week for Sport Relief.
Justin Bieber Oh Whats Occuring Special - 23rd March 2010 Have you caught Bieber fever?! Today's Oh What's Occuring is a JB special with Mista Jam. Plus, 3 year old Cody who can't stop crying over the Bieber, hilarious football commentary, toilet dilemmas and a dose of cringe worthy TV thanks to the legendary Bruce Forsyth - there are some things he just shouldn't talk about!
Lots Of Food Fun Today! - 24th March 2010 We like to talk about food! So today, we had some Come Dine With Me fun, a Masterchef moment and the SuBo Pops Breakfast Cereal on Oh What's Occuring with Kutski off of hard dance. Plus, if you know anyone learning to speak English, you should recommend our show to them!
Comedian Russell Howard Talks Paper Pants - 25th March 2010 Comedian Russell Howard is in the studio and tells Scott about his love for paper pants! He also has an Australian conversation with Beccy & tells us about his worst gig ever! Oh! What's Occurring features new DJ Tom Deacon getting his initiation ceremony to welcome him to the station and we ask Stupid Street if they would like a 'Sausage Surprise'.
Its Hayley Off Of Paramore & Funny Man Alan Carr!! - 26th March 2010 Lovely Hayley off of Paramore chats to Scott about hair dye, smelly boys and Lady Gaga. Hear comedian Alan Carr sing 'Baby By Me' 50 Cent style as he competes Oh! What Occurring. The PR4L is also back on with more 'Dear Scotts'
Can Scott find a Suitable Band for his Friends Wedding Reception? - 29th March 2010 Scott is the Entertainment Manager for his friends wedding and needs to book a band. Unfortunately he doesn't have Beyonce on speed dial so is considering #1 internet hit sensation The Baseballs. They re-arrange pop songs in a rock 'n' roll styleee, check out Rihanna a la 1950's!

And Scott's housemate soon discovers why he cant use his mobile to provide music at a party, after all, Scott has the number...

New Oh Whats Occurring Contestant Sally-May Joins The Fun - 30th March 2010 Scott's discovered that International listeners sometimes use The Scott Mills Daily Podcast to learn English! Online teacher Matt guides students through essential phrases like 'A horse for one bin' and 'In your face'.  New contestant Sally-May joins Beccy on Oh What's Occurring. Amongst other things Sally-May has backwards bending thumbs, can't really press buttons and wouldn't actually date Neyo as she'd just be leading him on.  Scott has a new favourite TV show, Jersey Shore, and a new favourite character Mike 'the Situation' Sorrentino.  Beccy thinks Scott is just like 'The Situation' as they both love tanning, gymming and looking their very best.
Sing What You See - 31st March 2010 Beccy shares her new internet love with Scott; Parry Gripp the man who sings what he sees!  Scott notices that a lot of blokes on Face Book are using a picture of themselves all suited and booted as their profile picture. But why? The bemusement spreads as Scott realises they are taking their own pictures. The legendary Oh What's Occurring with Beccy and Sally May.

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