January 2010 Podcasts


January 2010 Podcasts

Happy New Year - 4th January 2010 Chris Moyles is still on holiday, so we're covering for the rest of the week. We've got the Sunday fear, Jay-Z is planning weddings and Scott's had a very strange New Year experience. Plus, Mr T talks about himself and "Simon Cowell" phones up his celebrity mates in Oh! What's Occurring.
Snow Snow Snow - 5th January 2010 Yep, it's everywhere and most people can't get to school. If yours isn't shut already, don't worry Beccy might be able to help. Plus, more Dear Scott and James Blunt, Christopher Biggins and Sara Cox talking about food in Oh! What's Occurring.
Tracey Anderson - 6th January 2010 The celebrity trainer joins us to talk about fitness, old bleurgh DJs getting you in shape and famous people's houses. Plus, Will Smith and Chris Moyles on Oh! What's Occurring. And the PR4L is back reading out your emails and texts in Dear Scott.
Bill Bailey - 7th January 2010 Bill pops in to talk about bird watching and being funny. Plus, more of your emails and texts in Dear Scott and Simon Cowell is back on in Oh! What's Occurring?
Its Only Bley Friday - 8th January 2010 Scott's got a theory about Westwood's sudden holiday - he's going into Celebrity Big Brother! Plus, your texts and emails in Dear Scott and the best book ever, Alan Carr and Sara Cox in Oh! What's Occurring.
All New Oh Whats Occurring - 12th January 2010 Yep, you can now play everyone's favourite guessing game quiz against Beccy - today it's Matt Horne (actual Gavin from Gavin & Stacey!). Plus, someone's stuck in the loo, Alex Reid reveals his favourite member of Steps, don't go near candles if you've got big hair and Cat Deeley plays her new game, Cat Deeley has a Feely!
Beccy is Lady Gaga - 13th January 2010 Acapella pop group The Magnets come in to see if singing is Beccy's Forte. Plus, Scott's pretending to be a dog, our new favourite football team is Sporting Hee Haw and Greg James sings Florence & The Machine in Oh! What's Occurring.
David Gests Celebrity Friends - 14th January 2010 Find out how many names he dropped when he came in to see us recently, in today's Oh! What's Occurring. Plus, it's Nick Knowles birthday, Scott diagnoses Beccy with a cheese addiction, we send random gifts to celebs and Kym Marsh and Danny McFly pop in to talk opera.
Theres A Man Hiding In The Cupboard - 15th January 2010 Chris has called up cos he's finding his new job quite hard... so hard he spends most of the day in a cupboard. Plus, Scott's been to the theatre, Grant is back for more Oh! What's Occurring and the PR4L gets all Bomb Diggy in Dear Scott. Oh, and the Inbetweeners pop in for a quick chat.
Its Only Bley Friday - 18th January 2010 Scott has a very special announcement about the Chris Moyles Show, Greg's audience stick around for the start of the show and Scott plans a day in the pub watching the football.
Whats Your Hidden Talent - 19th January 2010 Scott made his housemate look a little bit foolish today when 'Alicia Keys' (aka Fiona from the office) gave him a call. We met new contender for Oh! What's Occurring where Stupid Street revealed their many hidden talents...
The Plastic Surgery Game - 20th January 2010 Tulip tells Scott he needs surgery on his nose, and we find out what couple, Chas and Clare, really think about each other when we play the game with them. Patrick played against Greg James in Oh! What's Occurring where it took Tyrone from Corrie a while to get the message that his marriage was over with Molly. Plus, do Hot Chip get Hot Chicks..?
Got To Dance - 21st January 2010 Adam Garcia and Ashley Banjo from Got To Dance pop in for a chat, and Greg James for fills his dream of becoming a dancer when Adam gives him a tap dancing lesson with pennies stuck to his shoes. Annie Mac joined Scott and contestant, Patrick, for a round of Oh! What's Occurring. And we found out how our listeners avoid surprises!
PR4L is a bit windy today - 22nd January 2010 The PR4L is on her holidays again, but it's a bit windy on the beach as she reads out your emails. Scott's upset that Billie Piper had to postpone her interview so he asked his questions to a listener called Billie instead. Max from 1Xtra storms out on Scott after Oh! What's Occurring, and Patrick will be back in two weeks after Scott's finished tanning himself on the beach.

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