April 2020 Podcasts


April 2020 Podcasts

Title Date Description
Always Gonna Be Another Staircase! 01 Apr 2020 17:00:00 +0000 Yesterday listener Bella said thank you to her dear friend Pawel in such a beautiful way that rumours started to fly. Today those rumours are laid to rest. Also, classic Tap-End brings us a tale of Chris and a girl called Maud on a very strange date, JC Stewart sings us a song because he's Bored And Famous and we play another gameof the great (but flaky in places) Don't Look It Up quiz.
Tom From Blossoms Is Bored! 02 Apr 2020 17:00:00 +0000 Tom Ogden from Blossoms gives us a tune in today's Bored & Famous, a brilliant round of The Whoo Game sparks a debate about Piñatas and the tale of a German exchange student is re-lived in 24 Years At The Tap End.
Watford Vs Southampton - The Decider! 06 Apr 2020 17:21:00 +0000 Scott and Chris host the R1 Breakfast Show for a week with all the great features of both shows. All The Latest Things - with news about dogs that deliver wine, Better Days Quiz, The Whooo Game, Bangers, Tap-End and old Radio 1 legend, Chappers, joins us to settle the matter of Watford vs Southampton.
Out Out - While In In 08 Apr 2020 08:44:00 +0000 Daisy May Cooper AKA Kerry Mucklowe from This Country gives us a Mega Bog Mix from her toilet, We hear stories of listeners having it large on group chats, Ask Me Anything brings a "Goga" teacher and more of you try to hit that extremely high Mariah Carey note.
5SOS Live From L.A 08 Apr 2020 15:00:00 +0000 Calum and Luke from 5 Seconds Of Summer give us a mega-mix from their Kitchens in L.A. Also, Scott fixes his own teeth, more listeners try the Mariah Carey High Note Challenge and Ali Plumb lists some of the best comedy movies for you to search out.
Peter Crouch's Wendy House Anthems 09 Apr 2020 15:00:00 +0000 Chris's old mate Crouchy joins us from a Wendy House in his back garden, classic Tap-End brings us a tale of barbecues and theme parks, Jordan North has a Korean sing off with Chris and have we finally found someone who can hit the Mariah Carey high note?
Dina Asher-Smith In The Mix 14 Apr 2020 15:00:00 +0000 Today's mix from home is provided by the fastest woman in British history and it's a corker! Also, classic Tap-End recalls the story of "Bish Bash Bosh" Chris's exploits in Prague and 1D 10 years on - Scott and Chris choose their favourite One DIrection, X Factor auditions from yesteryear.
The Beast In The Mix 15 Apr 2020 15:00:00 +0000 Mark Labbett, AKA The Beast, from The Chase gives us a monster mix from his house, Tap-End tells the tale of Chris at the school disco, another contender tries to reach the Beyoncé high notes and The Whoo Game is back with intriguing caller Mike.
Eddie Hearne In The Mix 16 Apr 2020 15:00:00 +0000 Oh Go On Then!! Sports promoter and meme specialist Eddie provides us with a filthy dirty R&B mix from his lounge, we learn some of the pitfalls of the new feature on some dating apps, Tap-End re-lives Chris's first outing to a night club and we find a drumming Welsh Weatherman.
Turnip Shepherds & Cow Bangers 27 Apr 2020 17:02:00 +0000 The "Don't Look It Up" quiz is back and question-master Will has some weird ones. Also, remember when Jennifer Aniston was horrible to Chris? We look back and Little Mix's Jade Thirlwall is on the mix from her kitchen.
Joe Root's Mancave Anthems 28 Apr 2020 16:25:00 +0000 Cricketing legend Joe Root MBE brings us a mix of some of the best indie songs and even throws one in for team mate Ben Stokes. Plus, Dicky of Dicky's Dribbles is back - still laughing, J.C Stewart calls with some amazing news involving Jennifer Aniston and we look back to the opening of The Scott Mills Bridge at Fleet Services.
The G.C. In The W.C. 29 Apr 2020 15:39:00 +0000 Gemma Collins gives us a super mix whilst rubbing her elbows, Quirky Quarantines finds us speaking to the Cornish Carol Baskin and find out which Radio 1 DJ used to deliver pizza in the Don't Look It Up quiz.
Luke T & Siannise In The Mix 30 Apr 2020 16:38:00 +0000 Tik Tok superstars Luke & Siannise provide us with a mix from their homes, Scott wonders if he is cuter during lockdown, we play great Whoo Game and Don't Look It Up quiz and look back at Chris's world famous interview with Mila Kunis.

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