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Sara Cox has announced that Fearne Cotton will return to the mid-morning show on September 2nd leaving Sara Cox without a permanent show.
Jedward take on Sara Cox and Chris Stark in a four-way innuendo bingo.
Chappers talks to media website Digital Spy about his new job presenting Match of the Day 2 and why he's no longer presenting 606.
Pointless Celebrities is to return later this month and our very own Scott Mills is to appear again!
On this morning's breakfast shows Chris has been talking about Scott's cameos on various television shows. As Scott doesn't like to talk about it we'v
What are you enjoying about Scott on the breakfast show? What don't you like? Review the shows over the next two weeks here on our message board.
Grimmy's taking two weeks off for Summer leaving Scott Mills and Chris in charge of the breakfast show between Monday 5 August and Friday 16 August.
Could our little orange friend be stepping out of the Tardis next shouting the words 'Alright Treacle'? Wait and see...
I'm currently trialing a few design ideas to help evolve Unofficial Mills and make it more interactive. None of the work I am carrying out is necessar
1 24 25 26 27 28 213 260 / 2123 POSTS