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  1. Ryley44

    Radio 1 off air?

    It also said's it will be off air from 3:40 to 4:00 am
  2. Ryley44

    Radio 1 off air?

    I've just looked at the radio 1 schedule for Friday 16th November (When Matt and Mollie start weekend breakfast) It looks like BBC Radio 1 will be off air from 1 to 4 which Dev and Alice should be on.Here is the link to see for yourself https://www.bbc.co.uk/schedules/p00fzl86/2018/11/16 I do not know why though does anyone else know?
  3. Ryley44


    I've been thinking why is it only Greg and Scott (I also think life hacks have one) that have a podcast.I know Matt and Grimmy used to have one but they are no longer updated,I would love the comeback of the Matt Edmondson show podcast and I think now would be good to start now because he has a co host now and is moving to weekend breakfast it would be perfect don't you think.I also love the Chris Stark extra podcast and I hope it carries on. Also a question which DJ would you like to have a podcast?
  4. Ryley44

    should Scott join Radio x?

    I just cannot imagine him on radio X or BBC Radio 2 his humor is just a bit to rude for that station i think,if he did move to radio X or 2 he would have to bring Chris or have a different co-host i can't see him doing it by himself.But i mean he won't be at radio 1 forever and i do think he is slowly making his way to radio 2.
  5. Ryley44

    An alternative future...

    Chris has got a child?