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  1. Didn't they say there wasn't an announcement though? I mean obviously there might still be but it's just confusing
  2. Frermanian

    Grimmy and Greg Hide and Seek

    What if they're in Dover or somewhere completely random
  3. Frermanian

    Grimmy and Greg Hide and Seek

    So day 2 begins... I was thinking maybe look at people who haven't said anything yet? They said 10 people know but haven't named names. Chris Smith has been quiet, as has George Ezra given the amount of time they plated Shotgun. As you can tell, still none the wiser...
  4. Frermanian

    Grimmy and Greg Hide and Seek

    Does anyone else think all the radio DJs might now know and they're just playing along?
  5. Frermanian

    Grimmy and Greg Hide and Seek

    Can we get someone on R1 to cobble together these theories as an unofficial mills correspondant?
  6. Frermanian

    Grimmy and Greg Hide and Seek

    In addition, 'Animals' was just played, and now it's a song called 'Albatross' by Foals. I love Foals and Albatross is a song that would never ever ever be played on Radio 1 because it's a deep album cut. So I think it's definitely animal related too.
  7. Frermanian

    Grimmy and Greg Hide and Seek

    Right George Ezra'a 'Shotgun' has been used about 3 times now and they keep using words like 'sudden death' and 'we're killing it' and 'that killed 5 minutes'. IT'S GOT TO BE SOMETHING TO DO WITH THAT.
  8. Frermanian

    The 8th with Charlie Sloth

    Has anyone got the whole show link somewhere? It's not available on iPlayer
  9. Frermanian

    Schedule Re-Think is Imminent!

    "Tonight on The Surgery: How to get over the naughtiest things you've ever done. First caller of the night: Hello Theresa..."
  10. Frermanian

    Schedule Re-Think is Imminent!

    Special guests picking their tracks with MistaJam could include Marine Le Pen, and Donald Trump.
  11. Frermanian

    Schedule Re-Think is Imminent!

    Nigel Farage stuck on the Sunday 1-4 am?
  12. Frermanian

    Schedule Re-Think is Imminent!

    Stick Boris Johnson on the chart show and you have a winner.
  13. Frermanian

    Big Weekend 2017

    Has Chris just been ignored then?
  14. Frermanian

    Chris Start post-Scott

    As unlikely as that is, I would absolutely LOVE that.
  15. Frermanian

    Chris Stark post-Scott

    Okay so lots of speculations that Scott could be leaving soon. Whether or not that be true, he's gonna leave sooner or later, and he probably won't be taking Chris Stark with him. SO what's gonna happen with Chris? Most likely option maybe is co-hosting with Alice, given Chris never having done a show by himself before and Alice being a good co-presenter as proved by history. Another idea: Chris doing a similar show to something like Cel did on a weekend? Something to do with viral videos, trending music or something similar, being as he went viral thanks to Mila Kunis and all that. (He's a perfectly good radio presenter in his own right, but that MIla Kunis video will always be there.) Maybe an hour long show or something completely by himself, just to get him into the groove of driving the desk himself etc? Then after he's become skilled with that, then move him up as a solo presenter? Unless, of course, Chris does leave with Scott being as they've always been a partnership, then he goes into some online or maybe BBC iPlayer stuff for Radio 1 being as they're obsessed with YouTube, maybe like the ICYMI shows he did? Or Chris could leave R1 altogether and go to another station. Personally I wouldn't do that, his dream job was to be at R1 so unless that's changed in the time he's been there he'll stick around as much as possible.