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  1. I think you need to swap the 82A's and D's round. Breakfast comes from 82A and 82D is where Fearne and Greg do their shows
  2. I'd guess that they'd probably end up doing their prep for the show elsewhere when there's a Live Lounge as 82A is where the sound is mixed before it goes out on air so there'd be engineers etc in there and wouldn't want to be disturbed. I'm pretty sure that Matt Edmondson's show comes from 82E but I've not got a clue about others!
  3. Both Greg and Fearne use the same studio. I know Scott used to do his show from 82E but I'm fairly sure that now he does it from 82A so that the weekday daytime shows alternate either side of the Live Lounge.
  4. The whole two hours of commentary is up on iPlayer right now: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b046w6wq/2014-fifa-world-cup-alternative-commentaries-1-radio-1-commentary-spain-v-netherlands
  5. I'm not feeling too excited by todays news but I am really happy to see Alice on in the daytime and I think she'll really suit the 1-4 PM slot. Plus, it puts her in a better position to cover for Fearne. Not so happy to see Phil Taggart being reduced to just one hour a week. I really don't think that he deserves this, especially seeing how well he's been doing on the 10-12 show with Alice. Personally, I would have preferred to have seen Huw get the Thursday 9-10 PM slot and Phil just go solo between 10 and 1. Nice to see Annie Mac getting a longer show on a Sunday night, really like that show but it'll be a real shame to see Jen and Ally leave the station. Every time I listen to them they sound great. I don't get why they have bothered moving Dan and Phil along with The Surgery to the week nights and replacing it with the Rock Show. Personally, I don't think the Rock Show suits the target audience of the station, especially the younger audience they seem to want to attract. And why put it on at 7 o'clock on a Sunday? Seems a bit too early to me. Going back to Dan and Phil, I did think that their show was too long for them to fill and the content seemed quite poor at times so I think cutting them down to just an hour is a good idea. Don't quite get why they haven't moved Dance Anthems as that's another show that seems to be on far too early and the extra hour for Dev does seem a bit pointless... Still, I'm glad to see that Scott seems to be safe (for now!) and I too wouldn't be that surprised if there is a Grimmy/Greg swap within this next year, especially as it will be two years on breakfast for Grimmy in September.
  6. Yes he is, he tweeted someone on Twitter saying he was on Sunday https://twitter.com/scott_mills/status/452745620881965056
  7. Ah! This explains why I thought that I'd woken up in the wrong time zone! Glad to hear that he's okay though.
  8. Had a pleasant surprise to hear Fearne covering for Grimmy this morning and now she's gone on to do her normal show until 12:45! Does anyone know why Nick was off?
  9. Yeah, I managed to record that one the other day but it didn't work this morning! ah well...
  10. Right, if anyone is interested I have the full show minus the audio... It's not recorded... Damn.
  11. Hopefully, once I get home, I should have the whole breakfast show recorded (fingers crossed)
  12. Here you go, nearly a full two hours: http://youtu.be/65QZz-b-3Zg Sorry about the fact that it's a bit jerky...
  13. I've got from just past 2 o'clock onwards, however, it's not the best quality. I'll try and upload it to somewhere and post a link asap.
  14. That was horrid! I nearly had a heart attack!
  15. Here you go: 28th: http://www.mediafire.com/?4oni0dq043594li 29th: http://www.mediafire.com/?dfu03ez0ndjklom 30th: http://www.mediafire.com/?7uasw71rrbxp4tr
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