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  1. New Years Eve is James Cusack from 6pm to 10pm and then Jordan North from 10pm to 1am.
  2. Matt and Mollie in for Greg on 20th December. Katie in for Matt and Mollie on 24th December. No Best New Pop either. the Christmas presenters will be doing Radio 1 Anthems this year by the looks of things.
  3. Vick and Jordan just said that they are recording a show to go out on Xmas day.
  4. I’m not too sure how it works for the radio but for TV the next two weeks are confirmed in one go, so we might get up to New Year’s Eve.
  5. Sam and Danni in for Arielle on Tuesday 14th December.
  6. He’s covering because Vick and Jack are going on a date.
  7. According to the BBC Sounds description he will only be hosting the last hour of the show.
  8. Jordan in for Jack tomorrow.
  9. If that’s copy and pasted then obvious mistake is that, if that is the Xmas day schedule then surely it’d be called Christmas Afternoon? I also think it’s more likely that they’ll have the usual presenters on Xmas day and then have new ones in the following days.
  10. Potentially doing it permanently for the month?
  11. Interesting to see Sian potentially getting some daytime cover. The fact there’s a breakfast best bits seems to look like it’ll be normal music. It’s also interesting that they’ve not got the Xmas presenters on that Monday. Having Charli XCX on Future Sounds also seems to indicate that they’re doing the Celeb takeover again.
  12. breakfast - Katie mid morning - Dean afternoon - Jack Drive - Arielle Future Sounds - Sian Future Artists - Jack my guess.
  13. Katie appears to be becoming the supply teacher in the same way that Jordan was three years ago.
  14. Jack in for Clara on Tuesday, with Jess in for Jack.
  15. Also, Sam and Danni are in for Arielle on 24th and 25th November. Katie is solo on life hacks on 21st November. Sian is in for Jack on both of his shows w/c 22nd November.
  16. Update from Adele: https://www.instagram.com/p/CVkcdOBolIr sounds like good news.
  17. Mollie King is on holiday so that explains why she’s not on Best New Pop as well.
  18. Arielle in for Adele this weekend.
  19. First of all I think it’d be unlikely that Jordan and Vick are split off. Jack bring on in the afternoon is believable but the second half of that show would probably be the Chart. I wonder if the Boxing Day schedule is in fact the Xmas day schedule. They usually have a takeover on that day? Arielle then Sarah followed by maybe Danny would be a good schedule for the rest of the day, with Scott on breakfast, if not Vick and Jordan? Dean being on weekdays would be weird considering that they usually have exclusively Christmas presenters, but even weirder would be to move Jordan, by himself, out of his usual slot and be replaced with Dean who could slot into the mid morning slot.
  20. Greg said that all of the DJs will be recording a video message along with some printed texts from viewers and they’ll deliver it to Adele
  21. RAJAR figures return this Thursday. Will be interesting to see how the station is doing listener number wise.
  22. Best wishes to Adele on her recovery
  23. I’d argue that they need to promote Radio 1 a bit more on TV. I don’t think there’s been a trailer recently except for the breakfast show last year. One to promote the new line up might have been a good idea.
  24. On the topic of Radio 1 on TV, they have ‘The Live Lounge Show’ back on BBC Four next Friday night, hosted by Rickie, Melvin and Charlie.
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