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  2. Sammy

    Maroon 5

    I luv them, Songs about Jane is an album u can just relax in the bath to cos u dont need to skip any songs, wish they would hurry up and bring out more music, or even do a tour
  3. me too!, I was so jealous of Kelly!!
  4. Wow it doesn't seem so appealing now! I'd still prefer it than my school though, I mean its actually threatening to be closed again! The amount of times I've been abused by little kids who come up to my knee! Sometimes I wish the rumour of people getting there heads flushed down the loo was true because I would love to flush most of the students!
  5. it was a bit harsh telling him the percentage of the votes he got! He is a nice person but sometimes he comes across as being really big headed
  6. beach? I'm soooo jealous! I see boarding school having more respectful people because you don't have any personal space. I'm just at a normal everyday school (well i say normal but its far from it) Nobody has respect for other peoples stuff, even if its a pencil, people will go out of their way to break or steal it! I don't think i could handle a single-sex boarding school, i think you need to be friendly with the opposite sex!
  7. Out of everyone i think Glyn should win, because it would really shock him and i think hes sweet enough to deserve it!
  8. Lethal missiles!! haha i like it! I don't know how you put up with school meals, and for 5yrs! I've always wanted to try out a boarding school for a week just to see what it was like, what is it like?
  9. He always looks hot! I just don't know why he likes Grace, shes just awful to him i think she should be evicted next!
  10. Eurgh! a fly? thats bad and frozen salad? I didn't know you could freeze salad! Our school has alright dinners on a Monday but then as it gets to Thursday everything is just leftovers and normally is mouldy and stale
  11. No way! Glyn?? Sezer??? :-? Glyn has a really nice personality but sezer! hes awful on the outside and on the inside
  12. I hate it when your halfway through a sandwich and you realise the bread you are eating is mouldy! I think the worse thing I ate was an egg sandwich from school (I know I shouldn't trust school dinners) and it had half the egg shell in it!! I thought 'I'm sure egg doesn't normally crunch!'
  13. I know i thought eww get out of my face! hes not as sexist as I thought at first. I don't know why Sezer is winning this poll? Hes awful, I'm so glad hes been voted off!!
  14. I actually like Mikey! I didnt like his audition tape but i think hes much better looking than all the others
  15. Sammy

    Rich with...

    See people want hugs and u don't need money for hugs cos there free so its even better!! :biggrin:
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