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  1. On 5/22/2020 at 11:26 AM, Dan18F1 said:

    I’m not sure the full big weekend schedule has actually been posted yet so here it is - only 1 presenter will be in the studio with the other at home:


    • 11:00 Jordan North and Adele Roberts

    • 1:00 Dev and Alice 

    • 3:00 Scott and Chris

    • 5:00 Mistajam and Arielle Free

    • 7:00 Rickie, Melvin and Charlie

    • 9:00 DJ Target and Tiffany Calver


    The same until

    • 5:00 Cel and Katie

    • 7:00 Phil Taggart and Arielle Free

    • 9:00 Daniel P Carter and Jack Saunders

    So surprisingly, no Greg, Grimmy or Clara! 

    Also on bank holiday Monday we’ve got 

    • Arielle in for Greg on breakfast (I think she’ll be getting a bigger show soon)

    • Cel and Katie in for Grimmy

    Also BH Monday Clara in for Scott 11-3 as it is Scotts week 

    Scott is on Radio 2 in for SWITA 2/5 

  2. Really pleased to see this back on Thursday at 5, think it should stay when lock down is over 

    Love the fact as well they are just using all the old breakfast show sweepers and all for the feature 


  3. 5 hours ago, georgeh said:

    BBC want all  presenters  to go solo  or join on a audio link. Not sure how it working in terms of details. I am guessing  a phone link. I know the lifehack podcast  has been recorded over Skype. 

    Its quite easy actually software like cleanfeed is available for such things, I am sure the BBC will set their guys up with a proper link


  4. 38 minutes ago, TMD_24 said:

    Is Newsbeat still going to happen at the normal times. Also wondering what happens with the Chart and Dance Anthems on Friday. Is the Chart now 2hr 45mins or both are 2hrs?

    The Chart shows starting at 3 as does Dance Anthems - I suspect they'll run more of the top 40 from 3-530/545 if Newsbeat still is on, and then Party Anthrms or just have the chart 3-5 and Anthems 5-7? 

    Dance Anthems pretty easy have the usual format but longer 3-430 classics 430-6 todays and 6-7 future 


    One of the community stations I work on has gone to 3 live shows a day only with hour gaps of music between presenters so they don't mix and have instructions not to arrive until 30 mins before broadcast starts I am doing drive tomorrow and Friday which will be weird not seeing anyone although listenership is up 

    One of the others I do has gone to live breakfast and drive only rest of it is being done via Myriad anywhere, which is a great bit of kit 

  5. 45 minutes ago, georgeh said:

    As a side note Scot is currently still down to his 5 live show on the Saturday 21, after missing the chart the day before.

    The 5 live show is billed as Scott Mills and Chis Stark, but when he was off sick couple weeks ago Chris did it, so i'd imagine it's Chris solo 

  6. On 3/1/2020 at 4:51 AM, abertom said:

    Didn’t Chris cover it when there was an interregnum between presenters maybe before JK & Joel so there were different DJ’s presenting think Jo Whiley was one and poss Chappers and Dave?

    I'd love to hear that if anyone has it - i'll have a look on chrismoyles.net 


    ALSO when Scott covered the chart in Greg's era, did he cover it in full, I remember the beast from the east show Scott did it from 1430 to 1600 to allow the 4-7 show to be dedicated to Gregathlon 

    Before that would Scott move from 1-4 to cover the 4-7 chart show and someone else cover his 1-4 show? 

  7. 12 hours ago, Dan18F1 said:

    I think it’s probably Jordan covering the whole show but the website hasn’t completely updated yet. 

    Also, I think Alice is off until around the middle of April on her tour. 

    Yeah it's happened before where Jordan covers and the schedule isn't clear 


    Alice is off for quite a few weeks 

  8. 12 minutes ago, anothernerd2 said:

    Would be good, but he's transitioning to Radio 2 now.

    yeah - tonight is an example covering for Tony 

    I wonder what is pre recorded the last half hour or so of Party Anthems or the first link on R2

    Or is he doing the R2 show from R1 

    Or is he doing it all from R2 today, be interesting if he has a chat with Sara Cox 

  9. 2 hours ago, anothernerd2 said:

    That daily mail article was awful. Half of it was a swipe at Moyles!

    But yes, Think it's time R1 ditched a few dj's. Maybe Matt and Mollie? That show sounds like Capital. Reckon Matt will leave. He's been there over 10 years!! Reckon Greg and Grimmy are safe. They are on at primetime so they'll be fine. If I was to guess 3 DJ'S to leave. I'd say Matt, Annie and Huw.

    I reckon they should put Scott back on drivetime 

  10. 7 hours ago, Ryan Pannell said:

    Thanks for that, I have come across that in the past but am looking to find the tracks as seperate pieces, to either stream or download. If anyone knows where this can be found or has any content, please let me know.

    I have no idea where they will be try the production companies website alternately convert the youtube video to MP3 and cut it using an editor 

  11. On 2/24/2020 at 2:06 PM, Dan18F1 said:

    Alice is off for the next 7(!) weeks and so I’m assuming Dev will be flying solo.


    • Cel Spellman is in for Arielle on Early Breakfast on Friday


    I think we are safely in a scenario now where the weekday presenters do not cover weekends at all, I remember Scott and Greg would always appear covering weekend shows weekends are self covering with the duets negating the need for a weekday presenter to create an extra fee maybe or using someone from other stations 



    55 minutes ago, OohErr said:

    I heard a trail on Adele's show this morning about 0455 (yes I was up that early driving to work) with Greg starting to announce it then Jordan butting in saying "Not yet Greg" 

  13. So what will you be listening to NYE??

    For me it's Scott then Charlie then Scott on Radio 2 overnight maybe Jordan before, however my local community stations are both doing "party" shows live until 1am as well, so feel should be loyal to them when they are only usually live until 9 or 11pm then voice tracked or just music overnight - considering someone is giving up their time on one of the two to host a show from 7pm to 1am, the other has it's usual Rock show up to 10pm then the party show is on 




  14. 54 minutes ago, anothernerd2 said:

    Mollie would be dreadful on her own.  they only trust her to present 1/2 hour a week-shows how much faith they have in her. 

    She has done a weekday breakfast solo IIRC but the next time Matt was off Jordan was with her 

  15. On 12/24/2019 at 4:31 PM, Audio_Nerd said:

    For Radio 1 they don’t tend to announce cover, the average listener couldn’t care less so it’d just be a service for us lot.

    No I know - But seeing as Scott has been breakfast Dep for 20 years i'd have thought they would have marked it 

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