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  1. 1 hour ago, dwb84 said:

    Hi, hope that someone can help me to locate a particular episode of the podcast. 
    I can’t remember when it was broadcast but I do remember the details. 
    the episode was called Mega-Lolz. Both Chris & Beccy were present. The episode involved then called places of business that had rude name (The Polished Knob, Winking Willys). The mega-lolz came a little later after the playing off Stinging Bell by Biffy Clyro & all of them are unable to continue. Any help in finding this hilarious episode would be awesome.
    msny thanks. 



    Not meaning this in a mean way but did you look at the Unofficial Mills podcast archive? Think it's the September 7th one here: https://unofficialmills.co.uk/download/september-2012-scott-mills-daily-podcasts/

  2. 7 hours ago, THIS IS THE BBC said:

    Grid below to show schedule from 1st September.

    It really shows how different the weekday, Friday and weekend timings are!

    I have left out some of the early morning as there are so many shows in a short amount of time and they change around constantly and weren't on the press release.

    Click on image to enlarge.


    schedule-min (2).png

    I think it would be a much neater schedule if they got rid of best new pop, bringing Arielle's show in line with Adele's show and also getting rid of party anthems, giving Dev 3hrs on all three days.

    @THIS IS THE BBC Could you share the original spreadsheet of this?

  3. As great as ever - loving the mix of Greg's features as well as their own. Unfortunate that the Coronavirus is likely is the reason for them being back on brekkie but glad they've been on. Clara's alright but it's been night-and-day hearing their shows back-to-back. Her show serves a purpose but Scott and Chris is what we need in these times.

  4. I'd say Spotify + podcasts comprise the majority of my listening. Our equivalent of DAB in the U.S., "HD Radio", is not prevalent outside of major cities and their are only 7 HD stations in our area. I do listen to the local FM/AM stations for NPR, BBC World Service, sports programming, college radio (shoutout LCC Radio and The Impact), and even the two local Top-40 stations (which have a glut of commercials and a narrow playlist). As far as online streaming of "traditional" stations - BBC Radio 1, 5Live, World Service, and TalkSport, more live sports (I have an MLB audio subscription for baseball), and whatever random ones I find in the TuneIn app.

    Over here we have SiriusXM satellite radio - a subscription service with tons of commercial-free music + talk, news, sports, comedy, etc. That usually takes precedent in the car. They even had Radio 1 at one point - it's a shame they can't make room for that but have a Kidz Bop channel FFS.

    As far as audiobooks I'm not a fan. I'd much rather read the paper copy myself.

  5. On 1/3/2019 at 1:19 PM, anothernerd said:

    anyone know how to stop audacity from recording me instead of the audio on the pc on windows 10

    Make sure on the the device toolbar that "Windows WASAPI" and "Stereo/Headphones" is selected on the two left boxes. If the toolbar is missing go to View >> Toolbars to enable it.


  6. It's been about 4 years exactly since I've been listening to Radio 1. I'm a 19-year old radio nerd from the U.S. and had been flipping through international stations on TuneIn when I first came across Grimmy on breakfast, which I thought was alright at the time but when Scott & Chris ended up covering I realized I was missing something great. I've listened to every Scott Mills Daily since then. I added Greg James' podcast as well and podcasts continue to be my typical method of consuming R1. When I do "tune" in live I've enjoyed Alice Levine, Jordan North, and Annie Mac when they're on. Matt Edmondson is pretty meh to me but I haven't heard him with Mollie to make a judgment there. Likewise, the breakfast show (1:30a-5a) and Clara Amfo (5-8) aren't on at good times to listen over here. I do appreciate Adele Roberts (11p-1:30a) who has provided a soundtrack to many a late-evening homework/study sesh. She's an underrated talent IMO.

    I'd probably listen a lot more if SiriusXM put Radio 1 back on over one of the duplicate top-40 stations they have. It would be a unique addition to their lineup.

  7. On 4/21/2018 at 4:59 AM, Aleks_ said:

    There's also this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRaaDQnKkWM

    I mean, he said he was going to do it in the video. If nothing has changed, then I guess he is going to do it.

    Although it's really hard to believe him not mentioning it on the show once. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean Scott bragging about it. It's just his first ever marathon and I know how much freaking out it involves. Adele, Dev and Danny Howard have all been mentioning this quite a lot (also - Dev's just said that he's forgotten to book a day off for tomorrow, got to love that man), so it's all pretty confusing. 

    EDIT (after some research): The video is from early February and this picture: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bgn5kvGFHmV/ is from late March. There's Adele in the back, but no Scott there. So I'd say he isn't doing it this year. Which is very fine, as running a marathon is pure hell.


    Along with no mention across Scott's social media, the results page shows that Scott didn't run the Marathon.  Adele Roberts finished in 3:30:38 , Dev in 4:30:56 , and Danny Howard in 5:41:16 .

  8. I wonder if there is some sort of sliding scale in play as well with better-known artists having more freedom with their cover choice? I'm sure the Radio 1 folks think that a well-known track or cover of one would have more YouTube views. 

  9. I haven't heard much of Maya Jama but I don't like that she's being wedged in with Scott & Chris on Fridays. Jordan North really got shafted just getting three hours on a Sunday. Also re: Alice, she will be over in the US & Canada for the My Dad Wrote A Porno tour from February 22nd to March 7th.

    P.S. Ugh - don't understand why the Greatest Hits show is staying on!

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