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  1. In the song (Gangnam Style), Psy boasts that he's a real man who one-shots his coffee before it's had chance to cool down. That's what Scott is referring to
  2. But who exactly *are* those 700 people? If we're talking about 700 people between 30 and 50 years old, then I'm not entirely surprised. Are we talking about 700 people who don't like pop/dance music? There are a lot of things that I don't particularly 'get' (Big Brother, X Factor, Strictly), but do they deserve axing? Probably not
  3. I'd stop the ridiculous 1Xtra takeover on Saturday evenings in an instant. I mean, what's that all about?! As a Radio 1 listener, the last thing I want to hear on Saturday night is hip-hop & R&B. I want to hear dance anthems! There couldn't be a *less* appropriate time of the week to merge the two stations together. On a Saturday night, Radio 1's listeners are looking for a completely different vibe to 1Xtra's listeners.
  4. I'm also really disappointed that Feet Up Friday is being binned. I only listen to Greg's show once a week and it's for exactly that, plus dance anthems. Real shame. As someone else has pointed out, do we really want to replace decent Friday vibes with chart songs we've all heard a hundred times already? And I don't even know what to say about the CBBC involvement. I knew Radio 1 had a young target audience, but blimey...
  5. Poor guy - I know exactly how he feels. In the exact same situation myself :puke:
  6. I would agree about Scott's show not sounding great on Monday, but I think he pulled it back from Tuesday. I actually really enjoyed listening to the show this week - he's still got it!
  7. I can't see Radio 1 binning Mills off any time soon. He's popular and his pairing with Chris appeals to the student and general young person (18-30) demographic really nicely. Moyles was popular, but with the wrong audience for Radio 1. Scott is also versatile, in that he can cover any show that might be required. I can't really see any strong reason to get rid of Mills at the moment. The afternoon slot wouldn't be right for Huw, and Matt Edmonson and Dev are both lovely but they never really seem to be able to properly fill a whole week of shows - they lack good content. Greg seems fine in the Drivetime slot, Grimmy (although unpopular) is doing a good job with Breakfast, and Fearne seems comfortable in the morning slot.
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