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  1. I've had a little listen and I agree that it's weird. It sounds exactly how Zanes show used to sound just on a different station, but I guess thats what apple payed for! So far music wise what Julie and Zane have been playing is mostly british artists which is great for their exposure. It's also really similar to what Radio 1 and 1Xtra are playling (Zane's first 'world record'-his new version of the hottest record was Pharell, which Annie played as her 'hottest record' an hour later!). It'll be interesting to see how it pans out. So far it doesn't seem that many people are tuning in but I gue
  2. I think the main reason is obviously to save money! If they didn't simulcast they would have to cut even more shows from the schedule. It doesn't seem that crazy though, where else in the weekly schedule would you have those kind of shows? Radio 1 has played hip hop and rnb on a saturday night since the westwood days. I really don't think there's a huge difference at all between what Radio 1 listeners and 1Xtra listeners want on a Saturday evening. Also what Mistajam plays crosses over with what Danny Howard plays.
  3. She's got her own AMP festival to attend in Malta (http://lostandfoundfestival.co.uk/) and Coachella which would of been arranged looooooong before they knew she was taking over for Zane. I expect after these she'll probably start cutting back on the gigs she does.
  4. Does anyone have the audio of this? I was away on holiday and missed it :cry:
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