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  1. Greg James has posted on his Facebook page saying that there's big Radio 1 news coming at midnight. Not sure if it's related or not but the Official charts also have big news coming at midnight. Do you think we could see the chart move days sooner than we thought? Maybe onto Greg's show on a Friday? EDIT: Yep, chart is moving to Friday 4-6pm hosted by Greg. Press release also mentions something about a CBBC show and the title 'CBBC Official Chart Show'? Here's the link to the press release http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2015/official-chart-show-greg-james
  2. I think this means that Scott will be safe for now. They are already losing Zane and Fearne. I don't think they'd want to lose Scott just now. Not to mention that with the recent allegations of Radio 1 being 'ageist', they probably don't want to be seen to be getting rid of Scott because of his age. Saying that, a full revamp of the station to coincide with the changes wouldn't surprise me. Greg on breakfast, Clara mid morning, Alice in the afternoons and Matt on drivetime. Market it as 'Radio 1: The Next Generation' and launch it with a full ad campaign etc and they'd probably shake off a lot of their older listeners (and gain some new younger ones too). Stick Grimmy in Matt's current slot, give Dan & Phil Sunday 4-7 and give Chris Stark a regular solo show too (similar to what Matt's first show was like). Take Aled off The Surgery (means he can focus on his new role as Editor) and replace him with one of the Internet Takeover people? Maybe Louise Pentland (who I was quite impressed with). If that was well marketed then I think it could go down quite well. But fingers crossed that Scott is safe for at least a few more years.
  3. It looks like Chris is going to be a team captain on a new panel show for E4 called 'Virtually Famous' (hosted by Scott's pal, Kevin McHale from 'Glee') Here's the news article about it from Digital Spy: It's good to see Chris doing things outside the show. Hopefully this doesn't mean we're not getting a 'Celebhunter' series!
  4. I'd definitely agree with this and I assume the listening figures would too. If you look at the Radio 1 YouTube channel, the content generated by Scott's show (innuendo bingo, Chris' interviews etc) generate more views than any other. If this online Radio 1 TV channel is launching this year then I imagine Scott's output will be crucial to its success. Plus, his podcast allows kids who are in school when he's on air to listen to the show on a daily basis. If they wanted to get rid of Scott (without using age as the reason), they'd have to show that his output isn't appealing to the demographic. It still clearly is. The main difference between Scott and, for example, Grimmy is that I think Scott doesn't try too hard when appealing to young people. It's a demographic he appeals to anyway. You only have to look at his music taste (which he describes himself as being similar to "a thirteen-year-old girl") to know that. Then I listen to Grimmy's show and it feels like they are trying to aim their show at young people. Teenagers don't like to be talked to like teenagers. That's where I think Scott's show hits the balance perfectly. His show doesn't feel aimed at young people specifically but he talks about things young people are interested in. I think that if they were to let Scott go now because of his age it would cause real uproar. You only have to look at the comments on anything Radio 1 post on Facebook to see the impact that Moyles leaving had on the station. I've been listening back to a lot of old Moyles podcasts recently and, towards the end, his output was very much out of target. He was referencing 80s radio, he had Roy Walker appearing on a daily basis (who wouldn't have even been on TV in the lifetime of many in the target audience) and Keith Chegwin was making regular appearances. I adored Moyles' show when it was on the radio but in terms of it appealing on Radio 1, it came to an end at the right time. Scott s nowhere near that yet. I think they'll let Scott's show come to a natural end, whenever that may be and whenever Scott wants it to be.
  5. Long time lurker! Decided I would finally join the forums. Long time Radio 1 listener and Scott Mills fan from Glasgow. I've met the man twice but the first time I accidentally hit him with a shoe and the second time I was very drunk and almost swore live on Radio 1. So, yeah, not the best first (or second) impression to make but hopefully your first (and second) impression of me won't be as bad.
  6. Long time lurker, first time poster! Big fan of Scott's show and Radio 1 in general. Going to Big Weekend next week so figured this was as good a time as any to register! The Friday night event begins at 6pm which is why I'm assuming Danny Howard is due to start at 5:55pm. He's the first act on the Friday night I think so it will probably be so they can start the event on time (as they'll have strict curfews to meet with the event being in Glasgow city centre). I've never really understood the pairings they use for Big Weekend. It all seems so random. It's almost like a random draw. I would never have paired Zane and Dev or even Gemma and Scott. Why not Grimmy and Scott? Gemma and Dev? Zane and Huw? Even let Dan & Phil and Chris Stark do a show together? They all seem quite logical pairings. Ah well. Surprised to see Greg not doing any radio shows over the weekend too, the TV coverage doesn't begin until 7pm so he could do an early afternoon slot. Really looking forward to next weekend though. I've been saying for ages that Radio 1 owes Scotland a few events. We've had nothing except the annual Fringe shows for the last 3-4yrs (not even 1Xtra Live!)
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