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  1. We may find Annie covering Fearne when she is ill/on holiday etc more regularly from April when Gemma moves to early breakfast. I doubt Gemma will want to stick around to do 10-12.45 after doing 4-6:30am!
  2. It has just been announced on The Radio 1 Breakfast Show that the Radio 1 Big Weekend is in Glasgow from the 23-25 May 2014.
  3. I also heard this. Fantastic news for Dev! Well deserved. Maybe this announcement is just the beginning in terms of re-shuffling weekends but who knows? Perhapswe will see Dev on Drive or Breakfast in a few years as past earlies DJ's have done this (eg Moyles on Drive and Breakfast, Greg on Drive, Scott on Drive and cover for Breakfast)
  4. Dev should get a promotion at some point this year. He is by far the station's hardest working DJ! He could maybe replace Huw Stephens who REALLY NEEDS TO GO! He is beyond awful! He tries far too hard like he knows he needs to step up his game. His shows are actually painful to listen to! I'd quite like to see Greg or Scott on Breakfast although Scott said he didn't want it full-time. Fearne will stay although I think she will bow put in a few years. I'd want Annie Mac replacing her however I doubt that will happen. Scott will stay where he is. His shows are sounding great at the moment. The introduction of Producer Cara and Assistant Producer Chris have seen a big improvment in the quality (sorry Beccy and TOTDS!) Pete Allison on Drivetime would sound good. I've listened to his shows when he has been covering early breakfast and was impressed by the quality of the show. Night-time should stay as it is. I don't listen to these shows past Zane but don't generally have a problem with the DJ's. I agree with the above post, weekends are bloody awful. Like I said Huw out Dev in. Matt Edmondson only needs to be on one day not two. His shows are beginning to sound repetitive (ie same guests, same features with same guests, silly features which include Producer Ahmed creating jingles for the Track of The Day in the same repetitive silly voice with Matt laughlin at ecpvery opportunity. The list is endless) A student radio DJ could maybe pick up the other day. The Official Chart, BRING BACK REGGIE! Jameela makes the show sound so scipted and false it is unbearable to listen to. Reggie at least injected a sense of his personality into the role. Dan and Phil, well, I like the idea of the Request Show but the show just feels aimed 12/13 year olds in terms kf c
  5. Dev is in for Jameela on the Offical Chart this Sunday - 5 January. Good god give this man some time off!!
  6. Good to see that Scott is taking some time off, he deserves it! Apart from the occasional Friday off which was usually work related, he hasn't had a proper rest since the summer. It's just a pity that Greg has taken a 3rd week off meaning Huw will cover. I certainly will not be listening that week, I cannot stand him!
  7. Sara Cox is in for Fearne next Friday (6th December). Matt Edmondson in for Scott on the same day
  8. 1. Scott Mills 2. Greg James 3. Annie Mac 4. Fearne Cotton 5. Dev I only listen to R1 Monday-Friday as I cannot stand 99% of the DJ's on the Weekend lineup. When I occassionally listen at weekends I listen to Matt Edmondson and The Surgery with Aled.
  9. Dev will be sitting in with Chris on Monday (21/10) between 1-4 as Scott is in Serbia. Adele Roberts will cover Dev's show. I'm really looking forward to hearing the results of X Factor... Serbia!
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