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  1. Hello, love Radio 1 - have been listening for almost a year now. I also just love radio in general. I started listening as a boredom buster and now I listen for many hours a day.
  2. The new design fixed a number of errors that displayed on the page when I loaded it - the Newsbeat and pictures sections didn't quite display properly.
  3. Yeah, Nihal has sat in for Aled on The Surgery a number of times.
  4. Yes, the BBC Radio network is available on Sirius XM satellite radio, and some overseas listeners get the podcasts.
  5. R94N

    Rob Da Bank

    I love Pete Tong. His show is amazing.
  6. I don't really like Radio 1 in the daytime, other than the Chris Moyles show and of course Scott. I don't like the music they play. I listen to Zane every now and then but it's at an awkward time for me.
  7. Lol, never realised how tall Scott is compared to Kylie!
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