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  1. Really. First they give fearne and Greg jobs (two of the worst daytime dj's radio 1 have ever had), then move Scott to make way for that boring idiot. Must be planning to give cotton the breakfast slot. R1 daytime has never been the same since the departure of Edith and jo. This just makes it worse. The only two dj's worth listening to on a regular basis are Scott and Sara. Definitely switching off the station for good. Now where can I get a dab radio installed into my car.......
  2. gazman

    cheers viv. love the avatar

  3. gazman


    dev - shit chris moyles - needs to have 5 other people around him licking his arse to make him think he is funny fearne-dont even get me started on that daft talentless bint greg-bored before i even type scott-lost a bit when chappers left but him and bex are coming into there own Give sara cox a slot on daytime. the woman rocks
  4. Viv

    Welcome to this place, Scottish person!! :hahaha:

  5. apart from listening to scott........fearne cotton and greg james are the reason why I listen to 6 music these days.
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