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  1. I think she's already reached that kind of level with You Got The Love, and there's definately more to come from her. I find it hard to rate much of anything Madonna did highly, (OK maybe Vogue and Like A Virgin... at a stretch) especially more recent stuff. I think she is a current (for past year plus since I first heard her) celebrity crush for me too, amazing combination of great voice, flair, personality, great look etc, seemed a little nervous on Glasto coverage (a show which I think was also on her birthday) but I just find that cute.
  2. http://www.nerdsalad.com/2010/01/geeky-new-shape-discovered/
  3. Nooooo not Florence... if we were talking about some pop strumpet (Miley Cyprus or whatever her name is) or other bint who's trying to be half her age (Madge) then I'd agree. If there's any music artists that are full of themselves, it's the two I've mentioned among others.
  4. I guess. I don't even watch the channel anymore apart from maybe the odd movie here and there but otherwise for me it's BBC and 4 mostly outta the main 5.
  5. I don't know, as a kid I was one of many who wanted to go on the assault course at that army base oop north.
  6. It can't be any worse than the revival of Krypton Factor...
  7. From Wikipedia... if we can count that as a source
  8. I mean as in the CM Character. Mumsie was the character that used to be constantly referred to by O'Brien, I think she may have appeared once as part of one of the challenges...
  9. nah don't think she's had another since, but she has gotten married since that happened.
  10. I like the things he's done, shame the companies he sold off like Virgin Media have gone to the dogs, they actually had reasonable service etc when they were still part of his empire. Looking forward to him finally having his own F1 team this year though after his mild dalliance with Brawn.
  11. Jason Bradbury? Why didn't I think of him, we know he's a good presenter and it also means there might be a good chance of that vixen Suzi Perry making the odd appearance too Problem with that is it would probably be as 'Mumsie'...
  12. well for some reason Kemp was just the first bald guy that popped into my head that wasn't Patrick Stewart. was just meant to be an example really. Might suggest Al Murray but it seems he now has hair.
  13. Hmm where do I start. Feeling a little paranoid that I've done something wrong but I don't know what, and there was this date I was supposed to have for either Christmas or New Year's, been leaving her messages on her phone and stuff and no reply yet, she only lives around the corner but not my style to intrude that way. I just want to know what I'm supposed to have done even some of my so-called friends around Derby seem to suddenly be unavailable, not just the date, I wonder if I've dropped a major one somewhere... Either that or I blame snow (boy, really didn't wanna end that one on a l
  14. so when they casted a geeky looking guy as Spiderman, they got it all wrong?
  15. Ed Tudor-pole always looked more like he was auditioning for Doctor Who or something. Needs to be another bald guy, maybe Ross Kemp.
  16. no. Worth signing up though
  17. G'mornin UM... Longtime listener first time poster and all that. Kept hearing Scott talking about this place in clips I listened too and thought it'd be worth a looky.
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