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  1. You have to remember that when Radio 1 promote Dubstep/Black Music by having a night like that and increasing the playlist for a while, they're getting more listeners to 1Xtra. 1Xtra do the same too, sometimes promote stuff BBC Radio 1 do.

    They're also trying to get the right listeners to the right station too.

  2. that's really good! there are some little fixes that need to be made, but it's great! they've even gone to the trouble of putting Retina Display graphics for the iPhone 4 on the site! A good move forward though. It's the closest you can get to an app!

    By the way, Blackberry OS 6 means Blackberry Torch only.

  3. Skream & Benga and Chuckie have been announced as new additions to the ever-evolving line up of BBC Radio 1's In New DJs We Trust (INDWT) show.

    From January 2011 (Thursdays, 9-10pm), the three DJs will join the rotational* line-up alongside Jaymo & Andy George, Toddla T and Heidi in the slot that brings together the most innovative, exciting and talented DJs and gives them a one-hour showcase to play the best new dance music.

    The new line-up will be broadcast, in order of rotation, Thursdays from 9-10pm:

    Thursday 6 January – Jaymo & Andy George

    Thursday 13 January – Skream & Benga

    Thursday 20 January – Toddla T

    Thursday 27 January – Chuckie

    Heidi will now move to the fifth Thursdays of the month that occur in 2011 – 31 March, 30 June and 29 September.


  4. Bit upset about Music 4 if i'm honest. I produce station sound as one of my team for my job, and we were going to choose Music 4. They used to update nearly more than monthly, but due to the lack of updates they're putting on their site, it looks like they're not making new stuff so therefore we're not going with them. I think another member of the team are considering someone else to use.

  5. Hi,

    Thought it was good to make a thread for people to post their new jingle additions. It's a bit better than making a new thread, so I thought it would make stuff easier.

    To kick things off, i've recently sourced 'Orange Panther' an FX package from Panthersounds. I'll post a little demo soon if anyones intrested!

  6. Please STOP advertising your collection. One post is enough so please stop posting multiple posts and threads about the same thing.

    If we get something new, we make one post. We dont pester people to trade with us.

    The forums are made for people to discuss station imaging and other geeky stuff, and we like to update our additions with posts etc, but its not somewhere to advertise. I'm sure people like me, 'newsbeat' who posts a lot, and others are perfectly happy to trade with people.

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