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  1. Hmm, that's an intresting point.

    6 months left of the show?
    Radio 1, I think are still using Music 4 for their jingles. I think they've used them for a long time, Music 4 making stuff for everything from beds to feature jingles, and I don't think they'd stop now.

    It could be:

    - Maybe Radio 1 think the jingles are good enough for another year? I mean, they were very very good on air, and still sound new and modern?

    - Radio 1 have cut their budget? If you've noticed that Radio 1 have really also cut back the amount of Newsbeat cuts for their next package (no idea when it will be aired), then it could show a budget cut? I mean, e.g If the new package comes out, R1 and 1Xtra will be using the same weather jingle (which is strange).

    I don't know really? I like the Moyles jingles and I don't think they need to be refreshed yet, but I hope it's not anything bad like Moyles leaving.....

    Oh, and Radio 1 have relied on Music 4 for a long time. From Beds, Re-Voices to Jingles they've done a lot of them, and they were still doing Moyles resings / Xmas Jingles etc from Dec '10.

  2. Not really... it sounds like the sort of thing Scott would ask for!

    It's got Peter Dickson's voice on it aswell.

    It's an iPhone app only, not for iPad unless you want the app only covering a third of the screen. Doesn't seem a popular app yet, not high in the chart and no ratings yet! Haven't played it myself much as the graphics aren't as good on iPhone 4.

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