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  1. Not sure if anyone has mentioned it here.... A former English teacher in Hong Kong has posted two Scott Mills' clips on his blog as teaching materials so there you go http://hk.myblog.yahoo.com/siu82english/article?mid=11470 http://hk.myblog.yahoo.com/siu82english/article?mid=11291 maybe you guys can say Hello to HK there
  2. i'm a 100% hongkonger/chinese ;-)
  3. Believe it or not, i'm from HK too.... lol btw, were you born and brought up in HK? or your're just moved to here?
  4. BURN HIM!!! :-X :biggrin:
  5. just wonder who #666 is....:*
  6. Thought i've said hi here... I wonder if there is anyone else in hk listen to Scott too HEY... if you're from hk, give it a shout here~~:woo:
  7. i would go for RADIOS... undoubtedly!!:biggrin:
  8. i remember i nearly fell asleep during the AL chemistry exam...coz i had no idea what the questions were talking about....
  9. ThunderPanther

    I Spy!

    something beginning with L..... :biggrin:
  10. celeb from my hometown... um... Jacky Chan...:roll: Comedy Dave was actually born in hongkong
  11. This article or section does not cite its references or sources. You can help Wikipedia by introducing appropriate citations. the reference is: www. themillsfansite.com...:biggrin:
  12. why don't u guys put an article about the unofficialmills in wikipedia?
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