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  1. Yeah, the boyf got one of these- it's so annoying and counterintuitive! Sure it's something you'll get used to...
  2. Last night on the tour was hilarious- Andi Peters was legendarily dreadful! The boyfriend sang on stage- he now think's he's some sort of minor celebrity!
  3. I've seen seats at rock gigs before, didn't think it would be that rowdy! Once you get to my age you appreciate a nice seat!Guess I'll just have to wear sensible shoes then! Glasgow has been that weird mental way it goes whenever there is football on (so a couple of times a week) all day, so should be a bit of an atmosphere tonight- I hope we'll get updates on the game though!
  4. Is it standing or are there seats? Am trying to decide which shoes to wear tomorrow, don't wanna wear ridiculous heels if am going to be standing!
  5. I think Evans was good on Radio 1 and Virgin breakfast, it was only a matter of time until he got the Radio 2 gig, obviously with him now being a family man etc he has persuaded the BBC bosses that he can be trusted with a breakfast gig.
  6. I'll be going to Glasgow as well Viv Should be a good night!
  7. Does anyone have the video/audio for the Dreamed a Dream spoof, which is cut from the official video? EDIT: found the thread for this now, was just being lazy...
  8. Gutted- you're such a tease Jono!
  9. OM actual G Mills returns! It's been a great year, glad all seems to be going well on the show and in real life
  10. Saw these guys up in Edinburgh on Friday- one of the best and funniest shows I have ever seen! Highly recommended!
  11. kitty

    Karaoke Night!!

    This being precisely 18 thing is a bit ridiculous- I can understand the venue having an 18= limit, but it seems silly to exclude anyone over 18 who may be getting results. Also, will people only be allocated one ticket and have to go alone, or will plus ones also have to be 18 and receiving results? Silliness if you ask me...
  12. 5 hours what times did she queue from/til? Am still working on persuading my boyf to go for me... Kirsty on the actual Mills Facebook http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/video/video.php?v=230985335522
  13. If the weather is nice (as it was this weekend) there are two outdoor bar areas which have been set up especially for the festival, Udderbelly's Pasture in Bristo Square and Udderbelly's Hullaballoo in George Square- great atmosphere and Pimms by the pint
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