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    Biggest Weekend 2018

    Based on what I can work out from the descriptions on the schedules on the Radio 1 website, no, although this is partly guesswork. 2008: Chris Moyles, not sure where 2009: Scott, not sure where 2010: Chris Moyles, live from Bangor 2011: Chris Moyles, live from Cumbria 2012: Chris Moyles, Hackney Weekend so in the studio as normal 2013: Grimmy, live from Northern Ireland 2014: Grimmy, not sure where 2016: Grimmy, in the studio 2017: Grimmy, probably live from Hull (because Adele and Clara were that day) Speaking of genre diversity, am I right in saying there was no In New Music We Trust/Where It Begins stage this year? And one more thing: is there a video anywhere of Scott and Chris doing live Bangers on stage? It was just mentioned on air.
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    Biggest Weekend 2018

    Still no sets on iPlayer from the other stage on Saturday, watching the ive main stage thing is great but missing the djs on screen and the lack of radio coverage, the bbc staff are probably just stretched with the 4 sites
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