November 2012 Podcasts


November 2012 Podcasts

Chris Ramsey 05 Nov 12 Chris joins Scott to play Real Or No Real and it's a Bonfire Night themed 24 Years at the Tap End. Plus, Lawrence is back with more Loving The Trolls and Chris has a novel new way of greeting ladies.
The Wettest Innuendo Ever 06 Nov 12 Chris takes on Rhianna off of movies and it gets messy, very messy. It is also that time again when Chris finds out who the people of Stupid Street will be voting for in the US elections
Misha B 07 Nov 12 After Misha's crazy tooth incident yesterday, she's finally on the show. Beccy gets freaked by Justin Bieber and Scott wants to make a Christmas song. Plus, it's a USA Election special on Stupid Street and Tap End.
With Actual Psy of off Gangnam Style! 8 Nov 12 Psy joins Scott in the studio to thank him for 'pretty much' making him number 1,receives a World Record and teaches him THE dance.
With Gabrielle Aplin & More Real Or No Real 9 Nov 12 Gabrielle Aplin comes into chat to Scott who believes he's the reason she is doing songs for adverts. Chris confuses Twilight with Only Fools & Horses and there's an amazing 'fact' about Rolf Harris but is it Real or Not Real?
The Best SuBo Story EVER 12 Nov 12 Scott has an epic SuBo story after he met her at the weekend. Can he persuade her to recreate a love scene Twilight with him? Hear the most OTT goodbye in ‘Lovin’ The Trolls’. 24 Years At The Tap End sees Scott and Chris going on a lads holiday in Zante – Oh dear…Plus, win more Scott Mills points in ‘Real Or No Real'.
With Adam Richman - King Of All Foods 13 Nov 2012 Adam Richman from cult culinary show Man v Food is Scott's special guest. They chat chillies, jellied eels and Yorkshire puds! Plus, Chris and scott present their greatest sandwhich creations...but who wins?
Pull Your Own Pork 14 Nov 12 Scott gets very confused by pulled pork, Chris has more 24 Years At The Tap End and one of the best football commentaries ever.
Chris's Christmas Song 16 Nov 12 Chris thinks he has created the perfect Christmas song. Has he?! Sounds very similar to us. Plus, Scott gets very confused in the toilet and we finally find out why Chris never shows his teeth in photos.
Chris & The Nuggets - The Truth 19 Nov 12 Chris finally sets the record straight about his failure to complete a chicken challenge. Plus, Scott has a public service announcement for lads and more Loving The Trolls with Lawrence.
With Jason Byrne 20 Nov 12 Comedian Jason Byrne joins Scott in the studio to talk the tour, having a lazy eye and a load of other waffle! Also 1Xtra's Sarah Jane Crawford take on Chris on Innuendo Bingo and gets very wet in the process!
Olly Murs 21 Nov 12 Olly pops in to play his favourite game 'Bingo Innuendo'. Plus, a very romantic 24 Years At The Tap End, Scott's grand plan for Harry Styles and Chris comes out to his mum over the phone.
Scott Comes Out...22 Nov 12 Scott decides it's time to let Big Brothers Brian Belo know how he really feels. Plus, Dear Scott, Real or No Real and an EXTREME Inuendo Bingo!
Greg Davies 23 Nov 12 Actual Mr Gilbert off The Inbetweeners, aka v funny comedian Greg Davies, pops in to give Chris a telling off. Plus, Real or No Real, Dear Scott and the quiz feud that will not go away.
Flaps Up Friday! 23 Nov 12 It's Flaps Up Friday (thanks to Innudendo Bingo for that one!) Chris’s lunch obsession jumps to a new level, #garnishedwithapastrylid anyone?! Need a job? Scotts found some of the best vacancies in the world and Nomia off of Newbeat gives us todays Real Or No Real. Flaps up gentlemen!
Theme Tune Seduction 28 Nov 12 Beccy is convinced that she has found the best seduction CD ever, but it's not what you think. Plus, things aren't going well at the Tap End for Chris.
Adam off of Owl City flys by 28 Nov 12 Adam off of Owl City visits Scott, plus Innuendo Bingo with Gemma Cairney, Dear Scott and Real Or No Real. It's radio gold!
Amelia Lily 29 Nov 12 Amelia pops in to play Innuendo Bingo with Chris. Plus, nudey art, incredible impressions, Dear Scott and Real or No Real.
Beccy's Orangutan 30 Nov 12 It all kicks off when Scott and Chris mention Beccy's oraguntan. Plus, Real or No Real, Dear Scott and Noddy Holder offers us more Christmas song advice.

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