December 2012 Podcasts


December 2012 Podcasts

Keen Gaffney 03 Dec 12 Everyone is keen for today's Tap End. There are some great ones. Plus, Loving The Trolls, Real Or No Real and an incredible tv watching mum!
A good day for fannage 04 Dec 12 Reggie Yates is dampened for the first time, as he makes his Innuendo Bingo debut. Tim Minchin joins Scott & Chris to talk Christmas songs. Plus someone in Essex had the incredible idea of doing a LIVE episode of TOWIE - and we're so glad they did.
Tap End Christmas Party Special 05 Dec 12 Chris takes us to his 16th year at the Tap End...and it's Christmas party time. Plus Scott has recorded his christmas song, but what should the band be called - 'Scott Mills And His Baubles' anyone? And we play Real Or No Real featuring Unicorns and Honey Badgers.
The Radio 1 Conveyer Belt 06 Dec 12 Today's Scott showcases some of the wonderful delights found underneath the teams desk. Plus, Dear Scott, Real or No Real and Innuendo Bingo with 1Xtra's Nick Bright 10 Dec 12 Chris takes on Rhianna off of movies and it gets messy, very messy. It is also that time again when Chris finds out who the people of Stupid Street will be voting for in the US elections
With Sheridan Smith  and Jason Manford 11 Dec 12 Busy,busy show today with Sheridan Smith, Jason Manford and Innuendo Bingo in the brand new, waterproof studios!
JLS 12 Dec 12 The JLS boys pop in for a chat, we find out how our Christmas single did on the Review Show and a nudey celeb pops up in Tap End.
With Brian Belo as Scott! 13 Dec 12 After Scott and Beccy revealed they will not be able to make their first live performance of The Perfect Christmas Single, Chris has managed to get Brain Belo to play Scott! Plus Dear Scott, Innuendo Bingo with 1Xtra's Sarah Jane Crawford and Real or No Real...of course!
Brian Belo and Forgotten Lines 14 Dec 12 Brian Belo pops into the studio to go through his lines for his live performance of The Perfect Christmas Single with Chris. Plus we're Lovin' The Trolls and the Radio 1 Christmas party results in some lost & found.
Performance Review 17 Dec 12 Scott finds out about Chris's performance on stage on Friday and realises it didn't quite go according to plan. Plus, a festive Tap End and more Real or No Real.
Greg Finally Plays Innuendo Bingo 18 Dec 12 Greg finally takes on Innuendo Bingo, wearing a dragon onesie and ready for the wetness! Plus, Doc Brown talks about converting from rapper to comedian, and it's that time of year again...Dial-A-Carol!
Musical Surprise For Chris 19 Dec 12 Scott's organised for Chris to get back on the stage. Let's hope it goes better than last time. Plus, a very festive Tap End, Real or No Real and Unlucky Gary strikes again.
Chris Gets Ready For His Performance 20 Dec 12 Nick Helm chats to Scott and there's more Innuendo Bingo with our favourite Gemma Cairney. Plus Chris gets ready for the West End by having his very own professional actor photo. What have we done...
Will it be 3rd time lucky for Chris? 21 Dec 12 Chris joins Scott to play Real Or No Real and it's a Bonfire Night themed 24 Years at the Tap End. Plus, Lawrence is back with more Loving The Trolls and Chris has a novel new way of greeting ladies.

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