November 2007 Podcasts


November 2007 Podcasts

Real Or No Real - 1st November 2007 Scott proves that guys gossip as much as girls.  He also rates Jo Whiley as one of the 4 least sexiest women in the world and confesses he finds his mum attractive. Hear the latest Real Or No Real stories and decide for yourself.
Deidres video casebook - 2nd November 2007 Scott, Jo and Chappers star in their very own Deidre's video casebook.  There is the fastest Loose Lips ever and Chappers explains why he threw sweets at children on Halloween.
Florist Game - 6th November 2007 Scott calls a florist with another strange message to put on the card...this time its a prison break! More Flirt Divert messages including the most Welsh woman we've ever heard and a man with his kipper out!
P Diddys PA News - 8th November 2007 Is Laura P Diddy's new assistant? How much does Scott actually earn? and what would happen if days were 4 hours longer? All that plus more filth in Autumn Watch innuendo bingo.
Scotts Masterpiece: Britney - 9th November 2007 Following on from Zane's Masterpieces feature, Scott decides Britney's first album deserves the same treatment - to be played in full, without interruption on Radio 1. How many tracks will he play before management pull the plug on him? Will he get sacked?
Flirt Divert - 12th November 2007 More messages from the Flirt Divert answer phone and Laura has another favourite TV programme...guess what? it's about Weddings (surprise!)
Boob Can-Crushing - 13th November 2007 The mystery of the phantom pair of knickers is solved and Scott discovers whether it is possible to crush a can with the power of breasts alone. Listen to a classic innuendo bingo, plus Scott sings along to some well-known songs whilst impersonating the artist, featuring an interesting attempt of Dizzee Rascal.
The Lovebit Challenge - 14th November 2007 Scott debates whether being dumped is a good enough reason for taking a day off, discovers an unlikely Eminem impersonator and challenges the whole team to 'acquire' lovebites by the start of the next show.  Hoover action, Flirt Divert, and more.
Scotts Huge Love Bite - 15th November 2007 Scott has a huge hickey but who gave it to him? Also... sweet old ladies who get away with being evil, and parents playing inappropriate 'sexy time' music in the car!
Scott the old lady - 16th November 2007 Scott dresses as an old woman to see what he can get away with. much did he spend at a charity auction?, Now That's What I Call Inappropriate, Paris Hilton and drunk elephants, and will Scott be in Your Cat Magazine?
Konnie Huq - 19th November 2007 Konnie talks CD's, drag queens and Greg James' unhealthy obsession with her! And Scott finds out that Mary, Laura's sister who used to read Laura's diary, has launched a rival radio show!
Flirt Divert - 20th November 2007 Check out more messages left by the freaks you've been meeting on Scott's Flirt Divert answer phone.
Gay Tarzan - 21st November 2007 Scott's been canoodling with his cleaner and what's the strange noise he's heard with his jogging partner on Hampstead Heath?!
The Rapping Florist - 22nd November 2007 Some filth from Terry Wogan on Innuendo Bingo, Scott tries to get a track called 'We're All Going To Die' to be the Christmas number 1 and 'The Florist Game' hits Holland...will they really write anything on a card? even rap lyrics?!
Chocolate Sauce - 23rd November 2007 More rapping Dutch florists, places that have banned Celine Dion from performing and for some reason Scott has turned into a Eastern European ladies' pin up!

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