December 2007 Podcasts


December 2007 Podcasts

Big Boobies and the Sugababes - 11th December 2007 The Sugababes talk about when they split up in Japan, The Big Booby Cookie challenge starts, there's a noisy "celebrity" in the next studio, and Scott's wrong song choices for Same Difference.
Lorraine Kelly in Celebrity Silence The Restaurant - 12th December 2007 Have Fran's boobs grown since yesterday? we check up on our F-Cup Cookie guinea-pig.  We reckon the most embarrassing phrase anyone could shout in public is 'But I'm not wearing any knickers!' - Lorraine Kelly puts it to the test.
Dial-a-carol gets stroppy - 13th December 2007 Mika finds some saucy accessories in Jo Whiley's house.  The American Dial-a-carol service start getting stroppy with us and we conduct a pointless survey about Chappers with some astonishing results!
What Does Britney Smell Of? - 14th December 2007 Today's Pointless Survey asks "what does Britney Spears smell of?", Scott starts his own religious cult, and there's a Big Booby Cookie update.
Chocolate Liqueur Experiment - 18th December 2007 More Flirt Divert messages, an update on Fran's boobs - have they grown? And how many Liqueurs does someone have to have before they're over the limit? Scott finds out.
Britney The Goat - 19th December 2007 Scott does another pointless survey: Would you kiss a goat if it looked exactly like Britney Spears but still sounded like a goat? And he gets up close and personal with Fran, our big boobie cookie lady!
Live-stock Lounge - 20th December 2007 Another very special edition of Chappers in the Live-stock lounge, blind folded and identifying mystery animals by kissing them!

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