May 2011 Podcasts


May 2011 Podcasts

Saras in with Louise Redknapp - 1st May 2011 Louise Redknapp's in to talk about So You Think You Can Dance but it's Coxy's turn to teach HER some smooth moves. Plus, it's one day to go til the Royal Wedding. Sara tries to work out what William and Kate will be up to.
Scott gets attacked by a small child - 4th May 2011 Scott's back from an interesting holiday... whilst he was there he got attacked by a menu wielding 8 year old. Plus, he's now decided he wants to make a film and needs your help. Beccy and Chris are back too - covering eachother in water as usual in Innuendo Bingo: The Duel.
Superstar DJ David Guetta - 5th May 2011 DJ David Guetta pops in for a very funny chat. Scott's got an amazing new Jeremy Kyle game... will you be able to guess the results? And Scott's realised he loves waving from boats, but can he get away with it on other forms of transport?
Celebrity Dreams - 6th May 2011 Smooth Talking Dan is back on Stupid Street, finding out about their celebrity dreams. Plus, the Posh Radio 4 Lady reads out your emails in Dear Scott and will Chris finally find the butcher who created Lady Gaga's meat dress?
Its Only Bley Friday! - 9th May 2011 Scott screeches over some classical music to celebrate the start of the weekend and Vernon Kay calls us from Carlisle to talk about his new career as a cleaner.
Robbie Savage - 10th May 2011 Scott's off to a big radio awards ceremony tonight. He's nominated, as are Robbie Savage and Matt Edmondson, so he gets them on to fight about who's going to win. Plus, Scott went to Eurovision over the weekend and met a woman who used to have the best job ever!
Danny from The Script - 11th May 2011 Danny from The Script pops in for a chat. Plus, Beccy's accidental flirting, Scott's weird German TV viewing and how amazing are model villages?!
Naked Dining with the Hoff - 12th May 2011 Scott goes for lunch with the Hoff and ends up playing Bogies, but Chris has other ideas for their next meeting. Plus, another Jeremy Kyle game, a very angry fridge and Scott tries out some tracks for his Lady Gaga warm-up set.
Head of Washing - 13th May 2011 Scott faces some awkward challenges in his role as Head of Washing. Plus, Chris wants to get shirts made for Radio 1's Big Weekend, the Posh Radio 4 Lady reads your emails in Dear Scott and Chris invents the best app ever.
Olympic Tickets - 19th May 2011 Like a lot of people, Scott's flatmate applied for Olympic tickets... except if he gets them all, it will cost him over £12,000! Beccy rings him as Lord Coe with some good news. Plus, snogging randoms, old men on twitter and the Jeremy Kyle game.
Gemma Collins - 23rd May 2011 Essex's favourite Gemma Collins from The Only Way Is Essex came in to see Scott, probably one of the best interviews you'll hear this year!
The Hasselhoffs - 24th May 2011 David Hasselhoff and his daughters Taylor Ann and Hayley pop in for a chat. Beccy even persuades Hoff to play Innuendo Bingo: The Duel with her. Plus, the BAFTA Um Er game, theme tunes and more about Legends week.
Snoop Dogg - 25th May 2011 Snoop Dogg is Scott's guest for Day 2 of Legends Week. Plus, after spending a week as the "Yes Man", various events lead to Chris writing some chick lit.
JLS and Jason Byrne - 26th May 2011 JLS and Jason Byrne join Scott for Day 3 of Legends Week. Plus, Matt Edmondson pops in to play another round of the Jeremy Kyle game. And if you missed it yesterday, Chris has been writing some chick lit...
Bear Grylls - 27th May 2011 Yep, it's Everest climber and wee drinker, Bear Grylls. Plus, more chick lit from Chris and your texts and emails read out by the Posh Radio 4 Lady.
Bradley Cooper & Ed Helms - 31th May 2011 Scott chats to the stars of The Hangover and talk about their hero,The Hoff and what they got up to in Thailand when they weren't filming!

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